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Abeel Javed 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Abeel is one of the rising stars in Pakistani media; she has been recently known for her cooking shows in which she appears with many of the famous celebrities of Pakistani media.

She was born on October 17. She is famous among her fans due to her beautiful looks and charming personality.

She is classified as the most attractive lady among the viewers.

She is one of the most famous hosts. She is famous among her fans due to her talent as well.

She started her career very late, but she is known to many of the viewers as she appears on various TV channels with the most famous host.

Most recently she appeared with Zubaida Tariq on a show on Masala TV which has been widely watched by the viewers across Pakistan.

As Zubaida Appa is very famous, therefore, this show earns special attention, and it is widely watched by all ages and specifically housewives.

On Masala TV, Abeel hosts the famous show “Handi.” A total of more than 300 episodes has been aired so far.

The show Handi is co-hosted by Zubaida Appa, which has earned enough applause from her fans.

Other than that she also appeared in Good Morning Pakistan, show with Shahzad.

Although Abeel has a very outstanding talent of hosting however she lacks the talent of acting, therefore many of her fellows recommend her to carry on with her hosting career.

Abeel Javed has recently been married.

The marriage has been proved very lucky as she is continuously having much success after she is married.

Abeel Javed 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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Abeel Javed 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Abeel Javed is a host of famous cooking show ‘Handi’ which comes from Masala TV.

More than 300 episodes of Handi have been broadcasted till now.

Zubaida Aapa is co host of Handi cooking show with Abeel Javed.

Abeel Javed has also done some drama serials on different channels. But Abeel Javed has become famous because of Handi cooking show.

Critics believe that Abeel Javed has a good face but she lacks the ability of acting and she should continue as a host of cooking show which will benefit her.

It will not be surprising if we see Abeel Javed as a host of any morning show in future.

Abeel Javed is basically known for being host of a cooking show, and it is her major strength.

But her beautiful personality and courtesy are the main qualities which draws the attention towards her within no time.