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Alex Bhatti 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Name Alex bhatti

Alternate Name Alex

Marital Status Single

Zodiac Libra

Religion Christianity

Famous As TikToker

Born October 16, 1992

Country Pakistan

Home Town Karachi

Careers In Tiktoker

Qualification Bachelors

Height 5 ft 9 in (1.7m)

Weight 50 kg

Eye Color Brown

Hair Color Brown

Skin Complexion Fair

Favorite Foods Biryani

Favorite Colors Black, White

Hobbies Comedy, Shopping

Alex Bhatti is a Pakistani Tiktoker with millions of views and followers.

He is not only famous on Tiktok also famous on Instagram. He is a famous Pakistani superstar.

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Alex Bhatti 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Alex is a Pakistani Tiktoker who earned popularity from TikTok. A TikTok is a small video-sharing app.

He is a makeup artist.

Full Name Ali Bhatti

Nickname Alex

Current Address Karachi, Pakistan

Date Of Birth 6/2/1997

Gender Male

Education B.Com From (Punjab Group Colleges)

Model & Makeup Artist

Nationality Pakistan

Religion Christianity

Married Single

Alex Bhatti is a very famous TikTok in Pakistan. Every Pakistani must know about him.

He gets popular on TikTok for making daily video content. He likes dancing that’s why they making videos in dancing.

Alex Bhatti videos are gone viral within a seconds. Most of the brands hired Alex to promote our brands, business, and products.

Alex does not only get fame on Tiktok but also on image-sharing apps like Instagram.

He is very popular on Instagram with 20k followers and grows day by day.

Most of the Tiktokers include Alex’s main earning source is promoting and advertising other brands

Because they have a lot of traffic in the shape of followers.

Alex Bhatti is not his real name. This is a nickname. His real name is Ali Bhatti.

In the last interview, Alex says that they receive very bad comments from the audience.

Because we know Alex’s style is not good and not allowed in our region (Islam) But Alex does some questions.

He says If I am making the wrong videos. Why people like this? Why my videos get millions of views?

Does Alex say Why my video downloading is 50k+? Tell me Why my video sharing is very high? Why my video is getting a lot of comments?

In the interview, Anchor does the question from Alex. Why you don’t leave the Tiktok?

They replied that I will not leave TikTok because people thinking negatively about me but I don’t care.

I making tiktoks and grow day by day. I can’t take a serious in any public comments. Because I want to live my life on my own.