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Ally Lotti 10 Personal Facts, Bio, Wiki

Name: Alicia L. Leon a.k.a Ally Lotti
Birthdate: May 28, 1992
Nationality: American
Zodiac: Gemini

Height: 5’2″
Weight: 51 kg
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Instagram model

Ally Lotti 10 Personal Pics, Photos, Pictures

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Ally Lotti 10 Fast Facts, Bio, Wiki

Ally Lotti is an American Instagram model and influencer whose real name is Alicia L. Leon. She became popular when her relationship with the late rapper Juice WRLD became public.

Even though Juice WRLD is no more, Alicia continues to post lovely photos of her and the late rapper on social media as she used to do before his death.

Juice WRLD girlfriend Ally Lotti made her relationship with Juice WRLD public in November 2018, when she shared a video of them together on her Instagram page. Her Instagram following has since then grown to over one million.

Ally Lotti is a popular Instagram influencer whose real name is Alicia L. Leon. She was born and raised by her parents in Alabama, United States of America. Ally Lotti age as of 2020 is 28 years.

Ally is of mixed ethnicity as Ally Lotti parents have different ethnicities. Her dad is black while her mother is Puerto Rican.

She attended the University of Alabama.

Ally Lotti is an Instagram model and influencer with over one million followers on Instagram. The number of her Instagram account followers grew after it was revealed that she was dating the late rapper Juice WRLD.

Before her boyfriend died, she regularly posted cute photos of them on her page, and she continues to do so after his death.

She also uses Instagram to advance her modeling career. Since she began dating Juice in 2018, she spent most of her time with him and helped him while on tour.

She seems to be back to modeling as she recently promoted some designs by Fashionova on Instagram.

Lotti and Juice WRLD’s relationship became public in November 2018, but it is believed they started seeing each other before then.

Ally regularly posts photos of her and Juice on her Instagram. She also posts photos of Juice spending time with her dogs on the Instagram page she created for the dogs.

In July 2018, before their relationship became public knowledge, Juice told the New York Times that he was living with a girlfriend named Alexia.

Juice told the newspaper that he met Alexia just as he was establishing success, and his friends disapproved of him being in a relationship.

He said,

All my homies be like: ‘What you doing with a girlfriend? You got all this stuff going on. I love her, though. I can admit and say that I have feelings.

The rapper also said that she is everything he can ever want and need. Unfortunately, their love only lasted 15 months before it ended unexpectedly and tragically.

Before Alicia became Juice WRLD’s girlfriend, the rapper had been in other relationships. His popular song, Lucid Dreams, was about a relationship he was in while in high school, and his heart got broken.