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Australian musician
Born: January 23, 1948, Australia
Died: February 1, 2022
Spouse: Gaynor Martin (m. 1982)

Parents: Dawson Wheatley
Children: Samantha Wheatley, Tim Wheatley, Kara Wheatley
Music group: The Masters Apprentices

Wheatley was married to the actress Gaynor Martin and they had one son and two daughters.

He shifted base between Sydney and Melbourne over the years. In June 2012, while walking his son’s dog, Danko, he had part of his middle finger chewed off trying to intervene when another dog attacked.

Wheatley died from complications of COVID-19 on 1 February 2022, at the age of 74.

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Glenn Wheatley 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Aussie musicians Glenn Wheatley, the husband of Gaynor Martin, died in the comfort of his family.

The death of musical legend Glenn Wheatley has devastated the Australian music industry to the core.

Indeed, his 50-year-old long career is a testament to his talents, making an unmistakable print in the course of its history.

His condolences got led by a longtime friend and collaborator, John Farnham.

Glenn Wheatley was blissfully married to his wife of forty years, Gaynor Martin. Together, they were parents to two daughters and a single son.

They were by his side on his death bed and reassured him to pass over in peace. Although his stance on the vaccination remains unclear, he urged protestors to stop using his songs while opposing the lockdown.

In 2020, the cases in the Australian subcontinent were on the rise, and residents did everything so that their lives would not halt.

They figured the best song to convey their sentiment was You’re the Voice. He publically condemned their actions, saying he did not support such sentiments.

Australian musician Glenn Wheatley was born on 23rd January 1948, making him 74 during his death.

Growing up in Nambour, Queensland, he was the son of Dawson Wheatley. He had aspirations for music from an early age and grew up playing the guitar. His music career started in the 1960s when he joined the pop-rock band, The Master’s Apprentice.

Reigning as one of the country’s most popular groups, they recorded songs like Turn Up Your Radio.

The corrupt nature of the band led them to controversy and eventually resulted in their demise.

As of 2022, the net worth of Glenn Wheatley was around 20 million dollars. He made his daily bread by working as an artist and talent manager.

After a successful singing career, he became a manager for John Farham and Little River Band.

Later, he even wrote an autobiography called Paper paradise, where he detailed his time working in the entertainment industry.

74-year-old Aussie musician Glenn Wheatley died in the company of his wife and kids after suffering dorm Covid 19 complications.

In a statement by the Wheatley family, they stated that his enthusiasm for life was unmatched as he gave his all to anything that he believed in.

Despite spending five decades in the industry, he remained humble, treating fans, roadies, and artists with an equal amount of respect.