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Veteran television actor Naila Jaffery passed away in Karachi after a prolonged struggle with cancer.

Jaffery’s career on television spanned nearly three decades but came to an abrupt end following her cancer diagnosis in 2016.

Her last appearances were in Khushboo Ka Safar and Ghalti the same year.

Apart from acting, Naila was also a fashion designer and ran her own clothing boutique.

Condolences immediately poured from industry colleagues.

“She was a force to be reckoned with, strong and positive in the face of a terrible illness,” wrote Mansha Pasha on Twitter.

In a video that went viral in April 2021, Jaffery appealed to channel executives to pay out royalties to actors for drama reruns, saying one show she had starred in had been aired four times without compensation.

In response to her impassioned appeal, Sindh’s Minister for Culture, Tourism and Antiquities Sardar Shah offered on behalf of the government to bear the expenses of her treatment.

She reportedly turned down the offer.

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Senior actress Naila Jaffri, who showed the essence of acting in several Pakistani dramas, passed away.

Naila Jaffri was suffering from cancer since 2016 and was initially diagnosed with ovarian cancer and later with gastric cancer.

Due to the third stage of cancer, she was reportedly hospitalized and was in a critical condition, in 2017.

The actress was later discharged after being kept in the hospital for some time, however, she was undergoing treatment since 2016.

After the first chemotherapy, she had an infection and was admitted to the hospital, due to which she couldn’t take a second session of chemotherapy.

The actress said that when she started doing dramas on PTV, there was a small amount of money on replay dramas, but she was good and happy to get that money.

Naila Jaffri said, “I’ve been sick here for so many years, everyone helped a lot, they took care of me when I was alone,”.

She suggested that if some financial support was given to her dramas by re-broadcasting, her treatment would get easier.

She also said that “I’ve been fighting the disease for a long time however, one of the things I’ve been thinking about all this time is how much better it would be for our government and policymakers to do something in this regard as soon as possible which would be helpful for senior artists in the future”.

It should be noted that the actress has shown her talent for acting in theatrical dramas.

Naila acted in notable dramas like Mama Mein Salana, Desi Girls, A Little Happiness.

Naila Jaffrey was a Pakistani TV actress.

Naila has been performing on television since the late 1990’s, and was one of the ‘veteran’ performers.

She has enjoyed lots of success, and heart touching performances in dramas such as Maa Mujh ko Sulana, Desi Girls and Thodi Si Khushiyan provide ample justification to her success.

Apart from acting, Naila was also a fashion designer and runs her own boutique.

She was very popular amongst fellow actors and actresses as well, with names such as Ayesha Umar and Humayun Saeed keeping her in the highest of regards.

She was one of the silent characters in the media, and has only appeared in talk shows in a few times in her career.

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