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Salman Iqbal 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

CEO of ARY Group

Born: 1974 (age 46 years)

Parents: Haji Mohammad Iqbal

Spouse: Sabeen Salman (m. 1999), Sonya Khan

Cousins: Sarwat Abdul Razzak, Amina Abdul Razzak, Farhana Abdul Razzak, Huma Abdul Razzak, Shabana Abdul Razzak

Uncle: Abdul Razzak Yaqoob

Siblings: Yaqoob Iqbal

Date of Birth: 1974 (Age 46 Years)

Residence: Dubai

Nationality: Pakistan

Children: 5

Occupation: Ceo at Ary Digital Network, Businessman & Owner of Karachi Kings

Updated: 2020

Salman Iqbal is a well known Pakistani media mogul.

He is the founder and chief executive of Pakistan’s biggest media channel network Ary Digital Network.

Initially, the channel was started by his uncle Abdul Razzak Yaqub.

He also has a house in Dubai and it is the second home for this reputable personality.

Salman Iqbal was born in 1974 in Dubai. He was a business-minded person since his childhood.

He pursued his career as a businessman at a very young age.

He is known as the most successful entrepreneur of Pakistan who founded a media channel Ary Digital under the leadership of his uncle late Abdul Razak.

Salman married twice. First, he married to Sabeen Iqbal and then to supermodel Sonya Hussain.

Salman has four children from seen and one beautiful daughter from Sonya Hussain.

Sonya got fame through appearing in Ali Haider’s song Tera Naam Liya.

She was a famous actress and model but left showbiz and chose to marry Salman Iqbal.

Salman Iqbal started his career professionally in 2000, during the period of General Pervaiz Musharraf with around o clock channel Ary Digital Network.

Later he also became the executive officer of the channel.

He is known as one of the most influential and wealthiest people in Pakistan.

Besides this, he is also the CEO of the Ary Group and later his net worth tenfold when he started Ary Digital Media Group in London.

He along with his team produced three hit movies 3 Bahadur, Dobara Phir se, and Lahore Se Agay.

Salman Iqbal also owns Karachi kings a PSL team. He bought the team for $26 million with 10 years of the contract.

Salman Iqbal is one of the most influential celebrities of Pakistan.

The CEO of Ary Digital, Ary Group and the owner of Karachi Kings is doing great in every field of life.

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salman iqbal and sonia khan wedding

Salman Iqbal 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Salman Iqbal who is known for his business skills as we all know Salman owns ARY group.

He is the most powerful personality of country now.

We all know that Salman is married to actress Sonya Khan but now i am telling you before marrying Sonya Salman was already married and his wife is Sabeen Iqbal quite active on social media.

Sabeen and Salman had 4 children . She lives in Dubai and Dubai is like second home for Salman Iqbal.

Salman Iqbal was born on October 27 1974, he grew up and attended school in Dubai and went on to study Business at the University of Houston.