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American singer
Born: January 16, 1979, Brooklyn, New York, United States
Died: August 25, 2001, Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas
Parents: Diane Haughton, Michael Haughton

Full name: Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Date of burial: August 31, 2001
Height: 1.71 m
Birthday: January 16, 1979 (Capricorn)

Born In: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Nick Name: Babygirl
Also Known As: Aaliyah Dana Haughton
Died At Age: 22

Spouse/Ex-: R. Kelly
Father: Michael Haughton
Mother: Diane
Siblings: Rashad Haughton

Partner: Damon Dash (2000–2001)
Born Country: United States
Died On: August 25, 2001
Place Of Death: Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas

Cause Of Death: Airplane Crash
City: Brooklyn, New York City
U.S. State: New Yorkers

Aaliyah 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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Aaliyah’s family played a major role in the course of her career. Aaliyah’s father Michael Haughton served as her personal manager from 1995.

Her mother assisted her in her career while brother Rashad Haughton and cousin Jomo Hankerson worked with her consistently.

Her father’s illness ended his co-management of Aaliyah with her mother Diane Haughton, which forced her to run all of her decisions by Rashad.

Aaliyah was known to have usually been accompanied by members of her family and the “Rock the Boat” filming was credited by Rashad Haughton as being the first and only time her family was not present.

In October 2001, Rashad stated: “It really boggles everyone [that] from Day One, every single video she ever shot there’s always been myself or my mother or my father there.

The circumstances surrounding this last video were really strange because my mother had eye surgery and couldn’t fly. That really bothered her because she always traveled. My dad had to take care of my mom at that time.

And I went to Australia to visit some friends. We really couldn’t understand why we weren’t there. You ask yourself maybe we could have stopped it. But you can’t really answer the question. There’s always gonna be that question of why.”

Aaliyah’s friend Kidada Jones said in the last year of her life her parents had given her more freedom and she had talked about wanting a family.

Gladys Knight, who had been married to Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson, was essential to the start of Aaliyah’s career as she gave her many of her earlier performances.

One of their last conversations concerned Aaliyah having difficulty with “another young artist” that she was trying to work with. Knight felt the argument was “petty” and insisted that she remain being who she was in spite of the conflict.

With the release of Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, rumors circulated of a relationship between Aaliyah and R. Kelly, including the allegation that they had secretly married without her parents’ knowledge.

Vibe magazine later revealed a marriage certificate that listed the couple married on August 31, 1994, in Sheraton Gateway Suites in Rosemont, Illinois. Aaliyah, who was 15 at the time, was listed as 18 on the certificate; R. Kelly was 27.

The marriage was annulled by her parents in February 1995, but the pair denied the allegations, saying that neither was married and that the certificate was a forgery.