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Manchester is the place Shaboroz calls home, but considers herself a Pakistani to the core.

“Singing had always been my passion. When the videos of me singing ‘Heer’ and ‘Aatish Dil Di’ (a track which I wrote myself) went viral, Yousaf Salahuddin contacted me to be a part of PTV’s ‘Virsa Heritage’.

So I came to Pakistan where I performed ‘O Wanjli Walirda’ and ‘Kiya Hai Ju Piyar’ with Ali Abbas during the show,” Shaboroz said, while talking exclusively to Daily Times.

This talented artist is not your regular cover singer; she writes poetry and composes a majority of her songs which have already gone viral and cemented a place in the hearts of her fans.

“I’ve written my own poetry with ‘Aatish Dil Di’ and ‘Megha Barse’,” she said.

She says her ability to sing was recognised by a few of her teachers at school who nurtured and encouraged her, with Shaboroz ultimately winning singing and naat competitions in school.

“I started my singing career professionally in 2012 when I had the opportunity to perform at the celebration ceremony of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen as the first ever British Pakistani artist at the Palace of West Minister in the presence of Lords, MPs and Ministers of Her Majesty’s Government,” she recalls.

She has also performed on several other prestigious occasions like the August 14 Flag Bearing Ceremony with the UK and Pakistan’s high officials.

“In UK, I’ve been working with different communities as a councillor.”

Shaboroz is not just a poetess and a singer. She is a rights campaigner and advocates human and women’s rights.

She considers herself a versatile singer who enjoys singing qawwali and ghazal.

“Sange Mar Mar” and “Rashke Qamar” are two of the recent covers that she sung and praises her video director Asif Masood and his team as well as her personal make-up artist Pooja Waheed without whom she thinks her tracks could not have been highlighted effectively in visuals.

“Currently, I’m busy with a few new projects and also special tributes for our Pakistani legends,” she said.

“I just want to be a loyal artist. I want to work hard and make my own place in this field with dignity and make my country proud,” she says, making her ambitions clear.

There are a number of musicians, Shaboroz looks up to and gains inspiration from. “I am inspired by many artists, especially Noor Jahan, Naheed Akhtar, Mahnaz, Nayyara Noor, Reshma, Nazia Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Abida Parveen, Farida Khanum, Sajjad Ali and Lata Mangeshkar.”

Here’s wishing the gorgeous and immensely talented singer the best for her future endeavours and hope she continues making the country proud both in Pakistan and overseas.

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Fadia Shaboroz, U.K. based Pakistani, is singing her way to fame and is surely here to stay!

A cursory glance at the work of the rising star reveals that the songstress is brimming with immense talent, which has taken her places over the years.

From Punjabi to Sufi, Urdu to Hindi, Classical to Pop; there is no musical genre she has not dabbled in!

If you are an ardent fan of watching the golden musical evenings of PTV Virsa: Heritage Revived, you might have spotted the versatile voice of Fadia Shaboroz, turning the atmosphere melodious with her earthy vocals.

From a very young age, she has harbored a love for singing.

After kick-starting her professional music career in 2012, she made a splashing feat as she performed at the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty, the Queen. She represented herself as the first-ever British Artist at the Palace of Westminster in the presence of Lords, MPs and Ministers of Her Majesty’s Government.

However, while living in Manchester, she has been passionately expressing her love for Pakistan.

She has made us proud by being a cultural ambassador and reciting the national anthem on Pakistan’s Independence Day at various celebrations and flag-bearing ceremonial events hosted by Pakistan High Officials.

Her musical covers for Sang e Mar Mar’s OST, Teri Galiyaan, and Raksh e Qamar have gained immense popularity on YouTube and even made waves in India.

She has even penned her own tracks ‘Aatish Dil Di’ and ‘Megha Barse’.

She is beyond a cover singer. Fadia is a champion of human rights and has been volunteering actively with different communities and charities in the U.K to work for humanity.