Aavaram Poo Health Benefits | Is Aavaram Poo Good for Health

aavaram poo benefits, aavaram poo health benefits, Is Aavaram Poo Good for Health

aavaram poo benefits

The Avarampoo flowers are dried and ground into a very fine powder. This powder can be mixed with face wash powders and curd for external application.

It has been used by thousands of Indian women over the years to treat uneven skin, prevent black spots and keep the skin free of blemishes. Avarampoo increases the glow of the skin and improves complexion when used on a regular basis.

The sweet fragrance of the powder derived from dried flowers drives people to use it for removing body odor. The powder also treats many skin problems. Avarampoo is generally preferred for dry to normal skin use. But it can be used for almost all skin types.

It reduces recurrence of boils and prevents skin infections.

Avarampoo is used for preparing herbal tea. The antioxidant rich concoction is very tasty and a perfect substitute for caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee. The antioxidants keep the skin and body healthy and act like a natural blood purifier.

In olden days, people carried the Avarampoo plants on their heads, when they walked in the hot sun. The plant helped to keep them hydrated. It cools and hydrates the body from inside.

It can be given to children, who play in the sun, to prevent dehydration and reduce body heat. Avarampoo tea helps with problems like excessive thirst through its hydrating properties.

Avarampoo helps regulate blood sugar levels. It boosts the insulin levels in the body naturally. When taken on an empty stomach it is very beneficial for diabetics.

This drink is a natural remedy for fever in children. Without toxins and chemicals, it is an effective and safe remedy for children.

The Avarampoo juice obtained from the flowers is known to cure a number of urinary tract problems like painful urination.

Avarampoo has a number of medicinal uses in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It has been evidenced to improve liver function and rectify constipation.

The seeds of Avarampoo have strong antibacterial properties. They have been employed in the treatment of gonorrhea, eye diseases like conjunctivitis and other infections affecting human health.

Avaram bark and seeds are also being used to treat degenerative conditions like rheumatism and gout in some parts of the world.

aavaram poo health benefits

aavaram poo health benefits

The leaf extract of avarampoo plant has amazing anti microbial properties and the methanol extract is more potent than the water extract. The antimicrobial property is due to the presence of phenolic and flavonoids present in the plant.

This anti microbial properties is one of the main reason this plant is widely used for skin care.

The leaf extract of avarampoo plant has wonderful anti inflammatory properties. Traditionally we use the leaf poultice for treating wounds and it is because of it’s wonderful anti inflammatory properties that it helps reduce the pain and inflammation very quickly.

Avarampoo flowers have been traditionally used for reducing high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and I am happy to say that this traditional use has been backed by research.

We make avarampoo flower tea at home and it greatly helps bring down high blood sugar levels effectively.

Avarampoo plant has amazing antioxidant properties and regularly consuming antioxidant rich ingredients is the key to good health. Antioxidant rich herbs greatly prevents free radicals which is the major reason for premature ageing of hair and skin.

Try to consume avarampoo tea regularly to get it’s amazing antioxidant benefits.

Another amazing benefit of avarampoo is it’s cholesterol reducing properties, you can read the study that proves it here.

The best part is avarampoo flower extract has been proven to be effective equal to prescription medications for lowering high cholesterol but without any of the side effects!

The leaf extract also possesses anthelmintic properties (ability to kill off parasites). The water extract got by boiling the leaves in water has the ability to kill the parasites and the effect is dosage dependent.

The best part is the effect was equal to prescription medications and you can read the study here.

Another important medicinal of avarampoo plant that really amazed was it’s anti cancer properties.

The leaf extract of the plant was tested on breast cancer and larynx cancer cells and in both cases it proved to be very effective in inhibiting the cancer cell growth. You can read the study that proves it here.

Dried Avarampoo flowers are generally added to hair oil preparations along with other herbs like amla, fenugreek, henna and curry leaves to promote hair growth.

Since avarampoo has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties, it helps treat scalp infections and also helps reduce scalp inflammation really well.

Avarampoo is very popularly used for skin care here in Tamil Nadu, from lightening scars and blemishes to treating wounds, it is extensively used. For skin care, we include the avarampoo powder in bath powder recipes, face packs and face scrubs.

Avarampoo is very fragrant and is very mild on the skin so it can be used for young kids too.

Avarampoo tea got by steeping the flowers in water has fever reducing properties as well. Along with reducing fever, it also reduces body pain too as it has analgesic properties.

If you are suffering from fever I would suggest consuming avarampoo tea regularly for a few days.

Women who are concerned about scalp hair can use dried avaram senna flowers with hair oil made from Ayurvedic herbs like henna, fenugreek, hibiscus flowers, and gooseberry.

This is because they are the best solution for all hair problems like hair loss, white hair, baldness, malnutrition, dry hair, weak hair, thin hair, and so on.