Actimel Health Benefits | Is Actimel Good for Health

actimel benefits, actimel health benefits, Is Actimel Good for Health

actimel benefits

Actimel contains vitamins B6 and D which support the normal function of the immune system.

Actimel helps maintain teeth & bones.

Actimel can be enjoyed daily as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle.

actimel health benefits

actimel health benefits

Actimel effectively works in the same way that all other probiotic sources do. They’re all about your gut health.

The most important part of the Actimel ingredients is the probiotics. Each bottle contains two strains of probiotic and that’s Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, and another called Streptococcus Thermophilus.

They also have a third strain called L. casei Danone® – we mean Actimel literally invented their own probiotic strain. I’m not sure if we should be impressed or slightly puzzled as to why. These probiotics can be incredibly healthy for you.

But they’re not the only source of probiotic that you can include in your diet.

Probiotics are the best.

Research does indicate that probiotics can help reduce the symptoms of depression, although it’s hardly a massive reduction.

If the bad bacteria in my gut thrive on sugar, so they produce the craving that makes me want to eat anything sugary. This then leads to a worsening depression, at least for me, and then allows the cycle to continue.

What probiotics do, and things like Actimel, is help prevent the growth of that bad bacteria that wants the sugar.

By Actimel we pretty much mean whatever probiotic yogurt based drink is available.

But Actimel has enough for 10 billion probiotic cultures right from the get go.

Claimed benefits range from reducing the incidence of diarrhea and rhinitis reduction for young children, to improvement of the immune function in adults and seniors and reduction of duration of winter infections for elderly.

A 2007 study published by the British Medical Journal suggests that the product could help avoid antibiotic–associated diarrhoea and limit Clostridium difficile colitis infections in elderly patients.

Actimel contains friendly live bacteria called L.c. Imunitass (note the cod Latin) therefore L.c. Imunitass is involved with the immune system; a strong immune system means feeling healthy.

The feeling healthy “hot button”, as the submission puts it, was pressed when represented as freedom from fatigue and resistance to catching coughs and colds … in short, feeling good.

Probiotics were developed after more than 10 years of clinical research, it had conducted over 25 scientific studies on its bacteria, showing that Actimel had a measurable beneficial effect for healthy people when taken on a daily basis.