Adadiya Pak Recipe | How to Make Adadiya Pak

Adadiya Pak Recipe, How to Make Adadiya Pak

adadiya pak by bhavna


1½ cup urad flour
1/2 cup besan
1 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp warm milk
1 cup ghee
2 tbsp edible gum (gundar)
1 tbsp ginger powder
1 tbsp batrisu or adadoya masala
3 tbsp dry grated coconut
1/2 cup jaggery
15-20 almond skinned and chopped

Adadiya masala:

10g Cardamom (Elaichi)
10g Saffron (Kesar)
25g Dry Ginger Powder(Sonth Powder)
25g Peepramul Powder(Ganthoda)
5g Black Pepper
5g Cinnamon (Dalchini)
5g Clove (Loung)
5g Nutmeg (Jaiphal)


1. Soak 15-20 almond in water for about an hour. Remove skin and thinly slice. Keep it aside.

2. In a small bowl, take 2 tbsp warm milk and add 1 tbsp ghee, Mix this well. (you can skip step 2 & 3 if it’s too much work for you. Check step 6)

3. In a mixing bowl combine, urad flour, besan and milk ghee mixture. This step is called dhabo. Mix everything using your hands and rub flour with palms. Then sieve this mixture and break the lumps with hands which sieving.

Once it all done, just press the flour mixture with hands, cover with lid and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.

4. You can dry roast ingredients for adadiya masala and when it slightly cool, make it to powder. If you have leftover masala from this recipe, store it in clean air tight container in fridge.

5. In a wide pan, add around 1/2 cup ghee. When ghee is hot, turn down the heat to low, Now fry gond (edible gum) in ghee on low heat. It will puff up and double in size in few seconds. Remove from pan and put that in a bowl or plate.

Slightly crush it using something heavy. You can now add other spices to this. Add ginger powder, batrisu or adadiya masala, cardamom powder, milk powder and grated coconut. Keep this on side.

6. Heat the same pan (used before) with ghee, add flour mixture you prepared earlier. Separate the flour with hands while adding to ghee. Now cook this on low to medium heat stirring continuous until medium brown.

If you find mixture too dry then add more ghee gradually. I used almost 1 cup ghee. You will notice the sweet aroma in the air. Mine took around 12-15 minutes to roast the flour to brown.

7. While flour is almost brown, lower the heat and add gond spice mixture. Stir and cook for 30 second this will help coconut to fry. If you have skipped step 2 & 3 then add 1/4 cup hot milk. Work quickly at this point. Add ghee if it feels very dry.

Turn off the heat and then add jaggery pieces (cut in small). Mix everything well. Do not move away pan as heat from the hot coil helps to melt jaggery. Continue to stir and let jaggery melt, it will take a minute or 2.

Tip: If you melt jaggery in the flour mixture while heat is still on, then chances are jaggery will over cook and this barfi will be hard to break when done.

8. Spread this mixture immediately in greased tray or thali. I spread it in 1/2 thali. The thickness should be around 1/2″. Level the mixture with flat bottom bowl or flat spatula. Sprinkle chopped almond on top and flatten with spatula.

After few minutes when mixture cools down slightly, make square cuts using knife. Instead, you can make ladoo. Let the hot mixture cool down slightly and when it it is easy to handle, make ladoo.

9. When it cools down completely, remove all the pieces carefully from the tray and store in airtight container (remember to taste before you store, they taste the best when still slightly warm).

You don’t need to put this in fridge, it will stay good for at least 2-3 weeks at room temperature.

adadiya pak by bhavna

adadiya pak recipe by shreeji food

Ingredients for Half Crop:

150 grams – gram flour
200 gms – urad crisp flour
200 grams – mola mao
250 grams – ghee
350 grams – sugar
100 grams – cashews, almonds
100 grams – Addiya masala
50 grams – Acacia gum
1 big spoon – Poppy seeds
1-1/2 teaspoon – milk
1 cup – water (for syrup)

Ingredients for Making Uddiya Masala:

30 grams – ginger powder
20 grams – Gandhoda powder
5 grams – Nagkesar
10 grams – white muesli
10 grams – black muesli
5 grams – black pepper
10 grams – cardamom
5 grams – Nutmeg
5 grams – saffron
5 grams – cloves
5 grams – cinnamon (mix everything and grind and sieve)


1) First of all, combine both the flours in a vessel, add 1 tablespoon of ghee and milk to it and knead it by hand.

2) Now sift the wheat through a sieve and mix it by hand

3) Take a pan and roast the beans in it, roast it raw, do not add ghee.

4) Roast the mava till the ghee separates

5) Heat about 100 grams of ghee in the same pan

6) Grind or fry the gum till it becomes hot

7) Take it in a dish when it gets fried and puffs up nicely

8) Add the rest of the ghee and fry the heated flour till it turns brown in color and fry it on medium flame.

9) Slow down the gas and add roasted mao, fried gum (grind), prepared masala of addiya, khas khas and dry fruit (grind cashew nuts) and mix and keep aside.

10) Mix sugar and water to make syrup in a vessel and bring to a boil

11) We have to make syrup of 1-1/2 strings of this

12) But if you don’t feel like checking the strings, then after 10-12 minutes put a drop of syrup in the dish like this and let it cool. Slow down the gas while checking otherwise the syrup will harden

13) It will take about 15-17 minutes to make this syrup

14) Mix the flour once and add the syrup to it, do not turn on the gas

15) Take it in a greased vessel, add chopped almonds, pistachios and let it set for 4-5 hours.

16) Cut it after it is set

17) Now our home made ardiya pak is ready for serving

adadiya pak recipe by shreeji food