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Adnan Samad Khan Biography

Adnan Samad Khan (Urdu: عدنان صمد خان) (Saraiki: عدنان صمد خان) is a Pakistani on-screen character .

He has been acknowledged for his character “Gulzar” in Ehd E Wafa

Adnan Samad Khan

Born (Age 24)

Taunsa Tehsil D.G Khan, Pakistan

Residence Tehsil Kot Addu Muzaffargarh, Pakistan

Alma mater National Academy of Performing Arts

Occupation Actor

A long time dynamic 2019–present

Known for Gulzar in Ehd E Wafa

Adnan Samad Khan Biography

Adnan Samad Khan was conceived in Taunsa Tehsil, Pakistan. He is from a Urdu and Saraiki talking family.

He did his initial training from Mairi Darsgah, kot addu. In the wake of doing matric, Adnan did FSC from Punjab Group of Colleges.

When Adnan Samad Khan moved on from National Academy Performing Arts, he found the opportunity for Ehd E Wafa

In 2019, Adnan Samad Khan did his introduction for Ehd E Wafa of Hum TV. He was the most refreshing character in the dramatization

Gulzar Hussain (Adnan Samad Khan) in Ehd-e-Wafa is a PMA cadet from Dera Ghazi Khan.

He is a Saraiki kid, his comical inclination and energetic character shows the certainty.

Adnan Samad Khan demonstrated certainty and cleverness in scene 6 of the last observed.

His exchange gets celebrated in web-based social networking. Individuals like and offer his parody scene.

His renowned discourse name “Seat did the Cho Sir” makes everybody chuckle out.

Ehd-e-Wafa Gulzar Hussain Son of Niaz Hussain has made exceptionally entertaining in the up and coming scene.

Gulzar Hussain Biography Real Name Age Education Ehd-e-Wafa:-

Adnan Samad Khan Biography

Adnan Samad Khan history, he was conceived in Dera Ghazi Khan. He is around 23 years of age little youngster.

Adnan Samad Khan is a parody entertainer and did his magnificent presentation in the dramatization Ehd-e-Wafa made by Hum TV and ISPR Official.

Ehd-e-Wafa presents the new character name Gulzar Hussain in the sixth Episode.

The straightforward Saraiki kid turns into the widely adored on account of acting.

Genuine Name

Gulzar Hussain Biography Real Name is Adnan Samad Khan Saraiki kid from Taunsa Dera Ghazi Khan


23 Year old little youngster


He is Student of National Academy Performance Art (NAPA)


Understudy of NAPA



Adnan Samad Khan Biography

Despite the fact that Saad originates from a military foundation and is progressively mindful according to what’s in store,

he is flat mates with Gulzar Hussain (Adnan Samad Khan), a youngster from DG Khan.

While his relationship with Gulzar promptly lands Saad into inconvenience, the disciplines are engaging and their fellowship is happy,

demonstrating that watchers have a great deal of enjoyable to anticipate with Saad and Gulzar.

While Alizeh Shah just has one short scene in the scene, her acting is gradually turning out to be increasingly characteristic and less noisy –

as it was prior in the show. Vaneeza Ahmed is as blustery and charming as ever as a steady mother.

Ahad Raza Mir is as reliable as ever as Saad, assuming his job easily in an easy way.

There’s an especially sweet scene among Saad and his dad (Faraz Inam) with Saad at last picking up his dad’s adoration and recognition.

Adnan Samad Khan Biography

The star of this scene is the character of Gulzar Hussain.

Credit must be given to the entertainer, newcomer Adnan Samad Khan, for prevailing upon watchers in his first scene

and taking the spotlight with his charming, charming job of a poor worker’s child, new to the universe of the military.

Gulzar’s scene at the finish of the scene where he acquaints himself with his seniors is both giggling instigating,

while additionally puncturing the heart at the distinction in financial status – and how once one is in the military,

that status never again matters. Adnan Samad Khan, stand up and soak up the adoration.

One expectations his character track keeps on being as dazzling for what it’s worth in scene 6.

adnan samad khan biography

adnan samad khan biography

adnan samad khan biography