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Ishtiaq Baig’s sister

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Kicked the bucket: October 14, 2004

Kin: Ishtiaq Baig

Nephew: Arez Hassan

Afreen Baig, a maker of TV plays, on-screen character and underwriter, kicked the bucket in baffling conditions in her Clifton living arrangement on Thursday.

Her carcass, found in a bath in her house, was first taken to a private medical clinic, where specialists affirmed her passing.

Afreen Baig Wedding Photos

Afterward, it was moved to the JPMC, where a woman medico-lawful official directed a posthumous.

The after death report has been held, and the police presume an injustice in the demise.

A police authority cited the specialist as saying that characteristics of scraped spot were found on Afreen’s wrist and lower legs,

proposing that her hands and legs had been integrated before she kicked the bucket.

A slight scraped spot was found on her neck too.

Relatives said her burial service petition would be hung on Friday at the Sultan Masjid in Defense Housing Authority after Juma supplication.

She would be covered in the Gizri-Defense burial ground.

Afreen Baig Wedding Photos

A police authority said Farooq Mengal, Afreen’s better half, who was in Lahore, continued ringing his significant other.

After he got no reaction, he asked his secretary, Noman, to go to his home and discover what had occurred there.

The authority said that Noman with the sister of Afreen’s contacted her living arrangement in Phase-V,

and found the primary entryway bolted.

They had the entryway torn open, headed inside and discovered Afreen coasting topsy turvy in the tub.

Afreen was hurried to the clinic, where specialists affirmed her passing and exhorted them to take the body to the JPMC

and illuminate the police as it was a police case.

The police had gathered all accessible proof and would sit tight for the last reason for death in the after death report

to propel the examination procedure, the authority said.

Afreen had performed in a few TV plays and furthermore sang tunes. Afterward, she built up her own private creation house.

She had a child from her first spouse.

She wedded Farooq Mengal around one-and-a-half years back.

Afreen Baig Wedding Photos

Afreen Baig, TV artiste and maker, was murdered in her DHA living arrangement on Oct 14, 2004 by her driver, Mohammad Bux.

Her significant other, Farooq Mengal, was claimed to have engineered the homicide of the TV artiste.

A sessions court on Monday condemned a denounced to death for killing TV maker Afreen Baig

while it absolved her significant other for need of proof.

Judge Abdul Razzaq, who directed the preliminary inside the Central Prison, discovered blamed Mohammad Bux,

the unfortunate casualty’s vehicle driver, blameworthy of executing Afreen Baig in October 2004 in her DHA living arrangement.

Be that as it may, he excused Farooq Mengal, her better half and a co-blamed for the situation, from the charge of planning the homicide.

The judge guided the convict to pay Rs100,000 as a pay to the lawful beneficiaries of the expired.

If there should arise an occurrence of non-installment, he would need to experience an extra half year detainment.

Afreen Baig Wedding Photos

The judgment said that in the wake of considering the whole proof set on the record, the court was of the considered view

that the indictment had built up its body of evidence against blamed Mohammad Bux past a shadow for an uncertainty,

yet neglected to demonstrate its body of evidence against co-denounced Farooq Mengal.

It further expressed that Mohammad Bux had admitted to having executed the lady during his announcement recorded

under Section 164 of the criminal method code in the court of a legal justice,

including that the JM concerned had recorded the confession booth explanation in the wake of finishing every single lawful custom and

no lawlessness or procedural blunder was found in such manner, as the denounced had intentionally recorded his announcement.

The court additionally saw in its decision that the proof of arraignment witnesses, therapeutic reports

and recuperation of taken articles in the ownership of the denounced had completely confirmed the confession booth explanation.

Afreen Baig Wedding Photos

The judgment expressed that Mohammad Bux said in his confession booth proclamation

that he had murdered the lady on the prompting of her better half, Farooq Mengal,

since he [the husband] resented her and suspected that Ms Baig had an illegal association with her previous spouse,

including that the confession booth explanation of a charged couldn’t be utilized against the co-denounced.

It included that Farooq Mengal was accused of having engineered the homicide of his significant other in light of the fact

that he was irritated over her supposed association with her ex and had an eye on the abundance of the perished,

however the indictment had neglected to set up the charge against him.

The judge saw that none of the arraignment witnesses removed that the blamed was despondent over his significant other’s supposed association with somebody

and it was likewise imperative to take note of that denounced Mohammad Bux was procured by the complainant party and not the charged Mengal, including that

the complainant didn’t specify in his announcement recorded under Section 154 of the criminal technique code that the charged indented to get the expired’s riches.

Just the unfortunate casualty’s sister, Shireen Saleem, said in her declaration

that she had heard the denounced yell at Afreen requesting that her bring home cash from her siblings.

Notwithstanding, the decision said the observer conceded during questioning that she didn’t uncover this to her mom or siblings

and uncovered it with a postponement of around 75 days, however her proof wound up suspicious,

as she neglected to legitimize the deferral in unveiling such a touchy snippet of data.

Afreen Baig Wedding Photos

The arraignment additionally analyzed the perished’s cook, Abdul Rashid, who affirmed that he had heard a discussion

between Mohammad Bux and Farooq Mengal with respect to the homicide plan of Afreen Baig a couple of days before the occurrence, it included.

Notwithstanding, the court saw that the declaration of observer Rashid had no legitimate weight,

since he went to his local town not long after the occurrence and recorded his announcement to the examination official following two months

and, all the more significantly, he neglected to recognize the denounced.

The decision inferred that the arraignment was not able build up its body of evidence against Farooq Mengal

while the case was of fortuitous proof as there was no immediate verification against the charged.

The court likewise saw blamed Mohammad Bux as blameworthy for submitting a burglary in the place of the perished subsequent

to executing her, and condemned him to seven years in jail.

The convict was likewise fined Rs10,000 and in the event of default, he would need to experience an extra half year prison term.

The judge reported the decision in the wake of hearing last contentions from the exceptional open examiner,

the guidance for the complainant and the legal advisors for the charged people.

As indicated by the arraignment, Afreen Baig, a TV artiste and maker, was slaughtered in her DHA living arrangement on Oct 14, 2004

by her driver, Mohammad Bux, and his significant other, Zahida.

Her better half, Farooq Mengal, was asserted to have engineered the homicide of the TV artiste.

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