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Alex Ellinghausen (b. 1982) is an editorial photographer with Fairfax Media. He has worked in the Canberra Press Gallery since 2010, filing for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Australian Financial Review.

Ellinghausen was the 2018 Press Gallery Journalist of the Year, the first photographer to have won this award. His other accolades include Nikon-Walkley awards, the Kennedy awards and the Quill awards.

Ellinghausen has twice been a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize, in 2015 and 2018.

Alex Ellinghausen 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

alex ellinghausen biography

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Alex Ellinghausen 10 Fast Facts, Bio, Wiki

Alex Ellinghausen is the professional photographer associated with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Canberra bureau right at the moment. His social handle seems likely to be covered with the entire photographs that he has taken to date.

Name Alex Ellinghausen
Nationality Canadian
Profession Photojournalist
Married/Single Married
Children Two daughters and a son

In the year 2018, Alex Ellinghausen was awarded by the press gallery journalist of the year, as he an expert photojournalist.

Not his personal bio, but the National Photographic Portrait has listed Alex Ellinghausen’s in the Wikipedia section as he was titled with the same National Photographic Portrait price before.

Diving deeper, He was also a Fairfax Media press gallery photographer previously listed for the year award. Alex actually started his career in photography all because of his parents. They gifted him his very first camera and commenced his journey further.

Speaking of his background, Alex Ellinghausen, as a teen, sprang traveling and exploring a lot and started capturing the views, short clips, and all. Alex Ellinghausen has not yet been informed about his wife on any media.

But still, we can see some of his pictures with his partner. Concerning his children, there are three kids in the family, including two daughters and a son. Moreover, their names and other details are still lacking.

Officially on The Sydney Morning Herald, Alex Ellinghausen has presented his photo and pointed the accent linking the greatest politicians out there. Being a photojournalist expert, he has also advised the new coming photographers in the actual field.

He is officially available there on Twitter by ‘@ellinghausen’, including his 37.5k followers to date.

Alex Ellinghausen is a Fairfax Media press display photographic artist and photojournalist for the Sydney Morning Herald. All through his vocation up until this point, Alex Ellinghausen has impacted the world forever.

He has been named Press Gallery Journalist of the year. He is the first picture taker who has won Australia’s most esteemed honor for political news coverage. He is a talented photojournalist.

With his specialized abilities, Ellinghausen likewise brings a broad information on political history and recent developments and sympathy for well known individuals.

Alex Ellinghausen is the famous photojournalist for the Sydney Morning Herald. He has been scrutinized all through his profession because of his ability, information, and ability.

He has had a long history with Canon, who started taking photographs with the camera his father gave his mother to take photographs of him as a youngster.