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A REALITY star says she is the second daughter of Jerry Jones.

Alexandra Davis claims the Dallas Cowboys owner paid her and her mother in exchange for their silence.

Alexandra Davis claims to be Jerry Jones’ fourth child and second daughter

Born on December 16, 1996, Alexandra Davis is a legislative assistant and former reality star from Dallas, Texas.

From October 7, 2012, to January 16, 2013, Alexandra and her mother, Cynthia Davis appeared in the Style network show Big Rich Texas.

Following her reality TV stint, she graduated from Southern Methodist University and worked on campaigns for Texas governor Greg Abbott.

She eventually moved to Washington, DC, and took on several political positions.

Alexandra has held positions at The White House and the US House of Representatives.

She is a legislative assistant for Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson.

On March 3, 2022, Alexandra filed a lawsuit against Jerry Jones.

According to her, she is the product of Jones’ extramarital affair with her mother Cynthia.

Alexandra Davis 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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In the lawsuit, Alexandra asked the court to legally recognize her as Jones’ daughter.

She also requested to dissolve the confidentiality agreement placed into effect between the Dallas Cowboys owner and Cynthia when she was a year old.

The political professional further alleged via court documents that Jones agreed to “provide, through indirect means and with his personal identity hidden, ongoing financial support for Cynthia and Plaintiff so long as Cynthia remained silent about the fact that he was the father.

“If Cynthia failed to maintain such silence, the support would end at Defendant Jones’ discretion and Cynthia would supposedly be in breach of the deal.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jones was ordered to take a DNA test in relation to Alexandra Davis

“The Plaintiff has lived her life fatherless and in secret and in fear that if she should tell anyone who her father was, she and her mother would lose financial support, or worse.”

The legal filings disclosed: “The combined effects of the aforementioned agreements and Cynthia’s divorce proceedings resulted in the Plaintiff never having a legal father.

“Defendant Jones’ only role in Plaintiff’s life to date other than to shun her, has been to coerce her from ever disclosing his identity.”

On March 31, 2022, Alexandra dropped the petition. She then filed a legal proceeding in April to prove Jones is her father.

On Thursday, December 22, 2022, a Texas judge ordered Jones to take a paternity test.

Legal filings from Jones’ attorneys revealed the billionaire plans on appealing the court’s decision.

At this time, the identity of Alexandra’s father is unclear.

Alexandra Davis, who said that Jerry Jones is her biological father, reportedly dropped her lawsuit against the Dallas Cowboys owner.

Nataly Keomoungkhoun of the Dallas Morning News reported Davis instead prefers genetic testing in an effort to legally verify that Jones is her father.

There was a previously scheduled hearing for her lawsuit for Thursday, but her attorneys asked a judge to dismiss it without prejudice Wednesday.