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allergies remedies

1. Refreshing Citrus Drinks: Majority of the allergies arise during spring when the scorching heat of the sun gets harsher every passing day. This also makes you want to binge on refreshing cool drinks.

Citrus fruits can not only energise and refresh your body but they also contain good amounts of Vitamin C, which aid in fighting seasonal allergies by boosting your immune system. So make sure you include these fruits in your daily diet.

2. Red Onion Water: Onions contain a water soluble chemical compound called quercetin, which is known to reduce the amount of histamine produced by the body, therefore reducing symptoms of allergies.

When you inhale pollen, your body immediately releases a chemical compound called histamine, which triggers the immune responses in the body. As such antibodies are released that fight against the allergens.

But the release of histamine also causes certain reactions in the body, which are what we experience as symptoms of allergy, such as sneezing, etc. Onion is nature’s version of an anti-histamine.

Quercetin also acts as a bronchodilator, opening up airways and helping you breathe easier.

Onion is nature’s version of an anti-histamine.

3. Apples and Walnuts: Walnuts are a daily snack that you can enjoy to help ease allergy symptoms. Being high in magnesium content, they help curb down wheezing or coughing. Their vitamin E content can boost immunity and protect the body from reacting to allergens.

Apples, like onions, contain quercetin, and naturally reduce the production of histamine. Several studies have confirmed that an apple a day really does keep allergies at bay.

Apples, like onions, contain quercetin, and naturally reduce the production of histamine.

4. Hot and Spicy Food: Hot and spicy food tends to make the mucus secretion in your nose thin down, thus making the nose cleaner and clearer. This enables you to breathe more efficiently.

While consuming spicy foods, your body will naturally loosen the mucus and phlegm that is clogging your body. Spicy foods include chili pepper, horseradish and wasabi. But remember, excess of everything is also bad for health. Moderation is the key!

Consuming spicy foods, your body will naturally loosen the mucus and phlegm that is clogging your body.

5. Nettle-Peppermint Tea: This tea helps in lowering blood pressure, relieving arthritis, and fighting seasonal allergies.

Peppermint contains a type of flavonoid called luteolin-7-O-rutinoside, which helps inhibit the activity and secretion of anti-inflammatory enzymes, such as histamines, and reduce the dreadful discomfort that comes along with them.

allergies home remedies

allergies home remedies

1. Rinse with saline solution or do neti: Neti is an ancient yogic system of cleansing. It is used to clear the nasal passageways. You will need a neti pot to try this technique.

Fill the neti pot with sterile saline solution and pour it through one nostril and let it flow out of the other nostril. This will require a little practice but it is worth all the effort.

This technique does not have any side effects and is in fact recommended by many doctors. Doing neti will ease the irritation and wash away the allergen. Do this technique twice a day for about 5 weeks and it you will experience less nasal congestion.

2. Eat citrus fruits: Oranges, sweet lime and all the citrus fruits are your best friends this season. Filled with fresh juice, citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which offers relief from allergies. Vitamin C boosts the immune system.

You can also drink fresh fruit juices. Make your own citrus juice by squeezing out juice from orange and lemon. Now add in some honey to make it sweet and delicious. Drink it daily to keep allergy at bay.

3. Have fish oil supplements: Popping fish-oil supplements daily for around a month will decrease the amount of leukotrienes in the body. Leukotrienes contribute to the allergic reaction. It is especially effective among those who have asthma.

4. Water containing red onion: Histamine is produced by the body during an allergic reaction and its level in the body is reduced by a chemical substance called quercetin, which is present in onion. The water soluble compound quercetin is nature’s anti-histamine.

All you need is four cups of water, one red onion and raw honey to taste. Slice the onions and put it in the water. Leave it for around 12 hours and let it infuse. Now drink this onion-infused water.

5. Use turmeric while cooking: Turmeric is one of the most common spices found in an Indian kitchen. The spice contains, curcumin, which may work as a decongestant. It can help ward off minor ailments like cold and reduce the allergic reactions.

For some conditions, turmeric is as effect as the drug used to treat that condition.