Almond Milk Health Benefits | Is Almond Milk Good for Health

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almond milk benefits

Vitamin E cannot be prepared in the body and must obtain from the food source. Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E and contain a functional unit alpha-tocopherol which helps in deactivating the free radicals.

Thus, Almond milk may eliminate or deactivate the free radicals and may help in reducing oxidative stress. Further research is needed to claim these properties of almond milk.

Almonds have a compound called arabinose in the walls of their cells. This compound might help in lowering blood cholesterol. Therefore, almond milk might have cholesterol-lowering properties. However, more research is required to confirm such claims.

Prebiotics are components which help the growth of good bacteria in our body which facilitates good health. The arabinose present in almond cell walls might have a prebiotic potential and was further Mandalari et al., explored that almond seeds may act as prebiotic.

It was further seen in the study that almonds might increase the population of the bacteria bifidobacteria and Eubacterium rectale. There is a need for more research to explore the potentiality of almond milk as a prebiotic.

Several studies have shown that the risk of coronary heart disease may decrease with the consumption of nuts.

Moreover, the consumption of almonds has been included in the Portfolio Eating Plan for people with heart diseases, due to its potential cholesterol-lowering effect.

It was observed that regular consumption of almonds might work as medicine which is prescribed by doctors for heart diseases (statin-like effect). This might be because almonds are low in saturated fats.

Therefore, almond milk might be helpful in the maintenance of heart health and may safeguard the heart against coronary heart diseases. However, more research is required and consult a doctor for advice and do not self-medicate.

A lower body mass index (ratio of fats to body mass, calculated based on individual height and weight) was observed in people who eat nuts frequently.

It was seen in studies that almonds are rich in fibre and protein and might help in weight management by increasing satiety (satisfaction of eating) and suppressing appetite.

This might help in lowering the glycaemic index (conversion of carbohydrates to glucose in the blood). Therefore, almond milk might also help in healthy weight management. However, more research is required, therefore, kindly consult a professional for advice.

Several studies have shown that almond milk might lower the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. Thus, it might help lower blood glucose levels by decreasing the glycaemic index (the ability of carbohydrates to increase blood glucose).

Therefore, collectively, these effects might be helpful against diabetes. However, more research is required to prove the potentiality of almond milk for diabetes. Kindly consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and management of diabetes.

Do not self-medicate.

Though there are studies that show the potential uses of almond milk in various conditions, these are insufficient and there is a need for further studies to establish the true extent of the benefits of almond milk on human health. 

almond milk health benefits

almond milk health benefits

Low Calories: The biggest negative in consumption of milk has to be the high-calorie content of the product. While a glass of full fat milk has 140-150 calories, unsweetened almond milk only contains about 30-50.

In fact, some brands of packaged almond milk, like So Good Almond Fresh Natural Unsweetend, contain 40% fewer calories than skimmed milk.

This is a key reason why almond milk instantly becomes the go-to choice for calorie-conscious people who want to enjoy their coffee and tea guilt-free.

High Nutrients: While home-made almond milk is a great source of nutrients, packaged almond milk such as So Good Almond Fresh comes with added nutrients like vitamin A, B2, B12, and D.

Highsource of Vitamin D and Calcium in almond milk is also helpful for good bone health.

Lactose Free / Dairy Free: The worst thing about having allergies or high sensitivity is the constant struggle of finding safe food to eat.

Almond milk comes as a savior for many who are lactose intolerant or sensitive to soy as it is completely lactose, dairy and soy free.

In addition to this, particular brands of almond milk like the So Good Almond Fresh are also gluten free, which allows people with gluten allergies to keep their health on check, without any worry.

Cholesterol Free: Rising cholesterol levels is one of the prevalent health issues that most people have to cope with. So Good Almond Fresh Almond milk, with zero cholesterol, perfectly fits into the diet of those who are battling bad cholesterol.

Tastes Delicious: There is a notion that healthy food doesn’t always taste great. However, almond milk is the best example to break this myth.

In addition to its health benefits, packaged almond milk, like the So Good Almond Fresh, also offers a variety of flavors that are infused during extraction.

From the subtle and simple vanilla flavor to classic chocolate, the variety and options of almond milk makes it all the more exciting. Even the Natural unsweetened almond milk comes with a rich taste of nuts and is absolutely delightful.