Aloe Vera Health Benefits | Is Aloe Vera Good for Health

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aloe vera benefits

Aloe vera for hair: “Hydrating and soothing, it works for all hair and skin types,” states Jhelum Bose, founder of Jhelum Loves, a bach flower and aroma remedies-based beauty brand. Here are two important benefits of aloe vera gel for hair.

Pure aloe vera gel is a potent antidote to hair fall and thinning. It contains certain proteolytic enzymes that repair the damaged cells on the scalp. These enzymes also stimulate dormant hair follicles, promoting hair growth.

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties soothe itching and flaking. Aloe vera gel on its own has been found effective in reducing dandruff.

Mix a few drops of tea tree or neem oil in pure aloe vera gel and apply this mask to the hair 30 minutes before the wash. If you find making your own cumbersome at home, try herbal shampoos, conditioners and masks that use aloe as their hero ingredient.

Aloe vera for skin: As a skincare ingredient, aloe vera is a go-to. Here are two reasons to apply aloe vera on your skin.

Aloe vera works well on sunburnt, dehydrated and acne-prone skin.

“Studies have shown that it contains about 75 constituents such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, sugars, salicylic acids and amino acids all of which play a role in skin’s health,” explains Dr Neena Chopra, co-founder and director beauty and technical, Just Herbs.

“Human skin is held together by a mesh matrix of collagen and elastin—the main structural proteins that keep skin elastic and resilient.

Aloe vera is known to slow down the enzymes responsible for breaking down this matrix, thus keeping skin supple, elastic and healthy for a longer time.”

But while we are all for going green, a word of caution: be cautious of rubbing a steam out of the potted aloe vera on your sunburns.

“Aloe vera has anthraquinone in the latex-like material in the outer part of the leaf which is known to cause allergic reactions so if you must use aloe vera straight from the plant, it is best to apply it to a small area first to test for a possible allergic reaction,” advises Chopra.

Aloe vera can be consumed raw, straight from the plant. The trick, however, lies in extracting it right from the stem. The outer green layer, which has slight thorns all along, has to be peeled or chopped off.

The gel inside can be had raw by a spoon. But, because of its viscosity, many find it easier to churn the aloe gel with some water and consume it as a juice.

It can be also be blended with milk or yogurt for a healthy smoothie, but you should use a small quantity as more might make the whole preparation bitter.

Rich in antioxidants, aloe vera heals and protects the cells against the free radicals in the environment, helping the body to retain its youthful appearance.

Drinking it on an empty stomach early in the morning boosts metabolism and supports better blood sugar control.

aloe vera health benefits

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aloe vera health benefits

Improves skin – What if you were told that consuming a glass of aloe juice once a day could give you flawless, healthy skin?

Yes, as awful as it may taste, the effects of drinking just one glass of juice will have immediate effects on your skin, as Aloe Vera contains collagen, which prevents aging and repairs skin. This bitter gel is also great for burns and cuts.

Improves digestion, treats constipation – One spoonful of Aloe gel could help solve your constipation troubles. Aloe Vera introduces necessary bacteria in the gut that ensure healthy bowel movement giving you good digestive strength.

Boosts weight loss and immunity – Since it takes time to digest, it uses up energy and helps aide weight loss. The juice of aloe vera regulates the immune system of the body and also helps in detoxification as it has essential anti-oxidants.

Treatment of Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): Patients with Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease experience symptoms like heartburn, flatulence, food regurgitation, nausea, vomiting, acid regurgitation etc.

Aloe vera syrup, when consumed has shown a reduction in the frequency of most of the symptoms of GERD.[1] This is one of the most effective uses of aloe vera gel for gastrointestinal disorders.

Good for our Digestive System: Aloe Vera is a boon for our digestive system. It helps in cleaning our digestive system. It also helps in the movement of bowels, preventing constipation.

Aloe Vera is thus an effective laxative.

Anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera help in the treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Helps to Detox our Body: Drinking aloe vera juice, empty stomach helps in removing toxins from our body. It also cleans our digestive system.

Thus, aloe vera helps in naturally detoxifying our body.

Good for Oral Health: Aloe Vera is an effective component of mouthwash. It helps in reducing plaques and swelling in our gums. It also helps in reducing bleeding in gums.

Antimicrobial activity of aloe vera also helps in preventing infections of the oral cavity.

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels: Aloe Vera when consumed, effectively reduces blood sugar levels.

Aloe Vera has been found to be useful in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Amazing for our Skin: Aloe Vera application on the skin helps to keep skin hydrated, improves elasticity and prevents the development of wrinkles. Aloe Vera keeps skin glowing and soft. It also prevents acne.

Aloe Vera application on sunburns helps in faster healing.

Research has established that aloe vera gel is highly effective against first and second degree burns. The compound aloin in aloe was attributed as the reason for the anti-inflammatory action.

Further, aloe vera helps to moisturise the skin and prevent flaking that sometimes occurs as an outcome of sunburn.

To use aloe vera for sunburn you can either take out the gel from the leaf from your garden plant or you can buy aloe vera gel from the pharmacy.

To get relief from the tingling sensation of a sunburn, you can refrigerate the aloe vera gel for a couple of hours and then apply it several times throughout the day on the affected region (s).