Alpha Lipoic Acid Health Benefits | Is Alpha Lipoic Acid Good for Health

alpha lipoic acid benefits, is alpha lipoic acid good for health

alpha lipoic acid benefits

Lowering blood glucose levels and treating diabetic nerve pain. By increasing the efficacy of insulin, Alpha-Lipoic Acid will lead to effective glucose control reducing the nerve damage caused by high sugars.

To aid painful bladder syndrome, especially in women. One can also use as an add-on medication to regular treatment. Alpha-lipoic acid will relieve symptoms of painful urination and sex.

To improve skin complexion, texture wrinkles, and any damage caused due to sunlight, stress, etc.

Alpha-Lipoic acid is also beneficial in metabolic syndrome – disorders of metabolism (processing of food we eat) that lead to problems like diabetes, heart disease, and brain stroke.

alpha lipoic acid health benefits

alpha lipoic acid health benefits

STABILIZES BLOOD-SUGAR – Himalayan Organics ALA Tablets are extremely effective in maintaining blood sugar levels. It boosts glucose metabolism & enables the proper functioning of blood vessels.

ALA improves blood vessel functions by decreasing oxygen-derived free radicals.

HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – ALA inhibits the production of chemerin, a molecule that is associated with obesity and slow metabolism. This is how lipoic acid helps in fat loss & overall weight management.

BETTER VISION – Oxidative stress increases with aging and various health conditions, and it can have negative effects on vision. ALA helps improve vision health by counteracting oxidative stress in the eyes.

BRAIN HEALTH – As Alpha-Lipoic acid can pass easily through the brain, it may help protect brain and nerve tissues. Researchers are investigating it as a potential treatment for stroke and other brain-related problems involving free radical damage.