Amla Juice Health Benefits | Is Amla Juice Good for Health

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amla juice benefits

1. Relieves Asthma And Bronchitis: If the weather wreaks havoc on your health, amla juice can be your savior.

Drinking a concoction of amla juice and honey twice a day can ease asthma and bronchitis complications. It also reduces the incidence of chronic cough, allergic asthma, and tuberculosis .

2. Burns Fat: Want to lose those love handles before your best friend’s wedding? All you need to do is to have a glass of amla juice on a daily basis.

Amla juice can fight obesity by enhacing protein synthesis, which in turn helps burn unwanted fat. It has the ability to create a positive nitrogen balance and reduce cholesterol levels, thus minimizing the risk of heart attacks.

3. Relieves Constipation And Piles: This miraculous drink does wonders for your stomach. It can relieve many stomach-related disorders such as constipation caused by piles . It also regulates bowel movements and treats chronic constipation.

4. Helps In The Treatment Of Gastric Disorders: Amla juice can be a great remedy for gastric disorders and hyperchlorhydria (burning sensation in abdomen).

Besides being a good remedy for diarrhea and dysentery, it keeps your liver healthy. Amla juice is also effective in treating peptic ulcer and acidity. If you have acidity problems, having amla juice with pure ghee twice a day can help.

5. Is A Blood Purifier: Why spend thousands on stale detox drinks in the market when you can make your natural detoxifier right at home?

Amla juice acts as a blood purifier by flushing out toxins from the body. Regular intake of this juice purifies your blood as well as increases hemoglobin and red blood cell counts. This means you can bid goodbye to stubborn acne and other disorders.

6. Can Improve Eyesight: Regular intake of amla juice helps in improving eyesight and nearsightedness and controls the onset of cataracts. It also minimizes intraocular tension and counters problems like reddening, itching, and watering of eyes.

Amazing, isn’t it?

7. Is Beneficial For The Heart: It is a known fact that stress and cholesterol affect your heart’s health.

Amla juice is a great remedy for heart problems as it makes the heart muscles strong, enabling the heart to pump blood easily.

8. Controls Diabetes: Have amla juice with turmeric powder and honey twice a day to control diabetes. The chromium present in amla helps control the blood sugar levels. It also stimulates the secretion of insulin.

9. Cooling Agent: When you are out in the sun, all you want is to grab some chilled juice to cool you down. But wait! Why not try amla juice that contains 20 times more vitamin C than orange juice?

This vitamin improves the tannins that are required to shield heat and light.

Amla juice also controls body heat. It acts as a shield and protects you from the harmful UV rays.

10. Soothes Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of amla juice help reduce the swelling of joints caused by arthritis. By reducing inflammation, it also protects and eases the tissues of the digestive tract.

amla juice health benefits

amla juice health benefits

1. To have a strong immune system: Amla has a high source of Vitamin C, than that of an orange. It is considered to be a super food as it has a power of more than 17 pomegranates at once.

By consuming amla, you can build your immunity and stay prepared to fight against any viral or bacterial infections.

2. To stay free from constipation: Amla has the power to strengthen your digestive system. Even though you face constipation in the recent times, the high fiber content present in amla can relieve from any digestive problem you’re suffering from.

3. To improvise kidney function: Research shows that amla juice may benefit kidney health because it is high in antioxidants.

A study on rats found that administering amla extract helped protect against kidney damage and maintain kidney function. A deeper understanding of how amla juice affects human kidney function requires more research.

4. To maintain a healthy weight: Many people use amla for weight loss. Drinking amla with a pinch of salt and pepper on an empty stomach helps you to eliminate harmful toxins in your body and reduce weight. It also helps to keep your BMI intact.

5. To purify the blood: The nutrients present in amla, purify the blood and make the blood vessels stronger. You can also take amla with a spoon of honey to increase the hemoglobin content in your body. The fruit is a great natural blood purifier.

6. To manage chronic ailments: Diabetes, health diseases, high blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer are some of the most common health ailments that affect a majority of the population today.

Experts suggest that amla is a great source to manage chronic conditions like these and keeps you free from taking other supplements.

For example, cancer is caused by oxidative damage; that is, when body cells use oxygen, they leave behind a harmful by-product, called radicals. The antioxidant compound amla contributes to preventing and repairing this damage.

As amla contains chromium, it also helps the body to respond to insulin and maintain a healthy blood sugar level, making it a good choice for diabetics.

7. To improve vision: Carotene, found in amla, is responsible for improving vision. The daily intake of amla can improve your eye health and prevent problems such as cataracts, intraocular tension, and reddening, itching, and watering of the eyes.