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Amr Diab Wedding Photos, Amr Diab Family Pictures, Amr Diab Marriage Pics

Egyptian artist

Conceived: October 11, 1961 (age 58 years), Port Said, Egypt

Tallness: 1.8 m

Companion: Zinah Ashour (m. 1994), Shereen Reda (m. 1989–1992)

Kids: Nour Diab, Kinzy Diab, Abdallah Diab, Jana Diab

Amr Abd Elbaset Abdelazez Diab (Arabic: عمرو عبد الباسط عبد العزيز دياب‎; brought into the world 11 October 1961), regularly known as Amr Diab (Arabic: عمرو دياب‎),

is an Egyptian artist, writer and previous actor.

He has built up himself as an acclaimed recording craftsman and writer in most Mediterranean countries.

According to an examination by Michael Frishkopf, he has made his style named as “Mediterranean Music”, a mix of Western and Egyptian rhythms.

By 1992, he turned into the principal Egyptian and Middle Eastern craftsman to begin making cutting edge music videos.

Amr Diab Wedding Photos, Amr Diab Family Pictures, Amr Diab Marriage Pics

Amr Diab was conceived on 11 October 1961 in Menia Alkamh-Al Sharkiah, Egypt, into an imaginative family.

His dad, Abd Elbaset Diab, worked for the Suez Canal Corporation and was the director of Marine Construction and Shipbuilding in Suez Canal.

Diab’s dad assumed an enormous job in touching off the early starts of melodic motivation in the beginning periods of Diab’s expert music vocation.

Diab, at six years old, had his previously took shots at popularity

when he sang the Egyptian National Anthem “Bilady, Bilady, Bilady” at the yearly 23 July Festival in Port Said

within the sight of the late Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Subsequently, he was remunerated with a guitar from the legislative leader of Port Said, and started to become perceived nationally.

Diab graduated with a four year college education in Arabic Music from the Cairo Academy of Arts in 1986.

Amr Diab Is hitched to Zeina Ashour, and he has 4 youngsters , one child Abdallah, and two little girls Kinzy and Jana

from his marriage with Zeina Ashour.

Furthermore, a little girl named Nour from his first union with the on-screen character Shereen Reda.

Amr Diab Wedding Photos, Amr Diab Family Pictures, Amr Diab Marriage Pics

Amr Abdul-Basset Abdul-Azeez Diab is an Egyptian PopStar and arranger of Pop music.

He was granted the World Music Award for Best Selling Middle Eastern Artist Multiple times: 1998 for collection “Nour El Ain “,

2002 for collection “AkterWahed”, 2007 for collection “El Lillady” and 2014 for “El Leila” collection

and he likewise won “Best Egyptian Artist and Best Male Arab Artist” at the World Music Awards 2014.

AmrDiab (AmrAbd-AlbasetAbd-AlazizDiab), conceived on the eleventh of October 1961 in Port Said, Egypt, he is an Egyptian Singer,

he is known as the Father of Mediterranean Music.

He has made his own style of music, which is a mix of western and Egyptian Rhythms.

His melodies was made an interpretation of in to 7 unique dialects and sang by various specialists around the world.

Amr Diab Wedding Photos, Amr Diab Family Pictures, Amr Diab Marriage Pics

His dad was the executive of Marine Construction and Shipbuilding.

He assumed an extraordinary job to lighting the early melodic motivation towards Diab’s beginning times in his expert music profession.

Amr at six years old sang at the July 23rd Festival in Port Said, he was shockingly remunerated with a guitar from the representative for his greatness.

AmrDiab has earned his four year college education in Arabic Music and moved on from the Cairo Academy of Arts in 1986.

Expertly, AmrDiab entered the melodic field and presented his first collection “YaTareea” (1983), incorporated with the crowd

and picked up loads of consideration and achievement.

Amr followed on creating a few extraordinary collections: “Ghanny Men Albak” (1984), “HalaHala” (1986), “Khalseen” (1987),

“Mayyal” (1988), “Shawa’na” (1989) and “Matkhafesh” (1990).

Amr was picked to perform and speak to Egypt at the fifth Tournament of African Sports in 1990 where he sang in English, French and dominatingly Arabic.

Unequivocally and during that year the star chose to attack the film with a job in the film “El Afareet” with the entertainer MadihaKamel.

At that point came his other hit collections “Habibi” (1991), “Ayyamna” (1992) and “YaOmrena” (1993).

In 1992 and 1994, Amr assumed two additional jobs in the film in “Frozen yogurt Fe Glim” and “DehkWele’bWegadWehob”–

which also was picked as the opening film in the Egyptian Film Festival.

Amr Diab Wedding Photos, Amr Diab Family Pictures, Amr Diab Marriage Pics

AmrDiab’s melodic vocation continued developing, focusing on melodic greatness.

He followed on and discharged the collection “Weylomony” (1994).

Amr Diab formally settled himself as the whiz of the Arab world with the dispatch of “Rag’een” (1995) and the famous “Nour El Ein” collection (1996)

which was an accomplishment in the Middle East as well as in the entire world and accomplished numerous music grants.

He at that point followed with “Awedony” (1998).

AmrDiab made a leap forward with one of his best crushing hits “Amarain” collection (1999),

Diab drew in with two artists during this collection and created astounding two part harmonies,

one with the Algerian­-French based ChebKhaled tune “Alby” and the second with the Greek Angela Dimitriou tune “BahebbakAktar”.

The years 2000, 2001 and 2003 saw the gathering of all AmrDiab’s past experience set up together

and arrival of AmrDiab’s most wonderful collections ever “TamallyMa’ak” , “AktarWahed” and “AllemAlby”,

as he engraved his nature of voice singing fused with shocking feeling of writer and melodic courses of action.

Amr constantly supported development of new music, structure and style.

He combined the Arabian oriental subject of music and the western style of melodic beats, game plans and conclusion.

Amr Diab Wedding Photos, Amr Diab Family Pictures, Amr Diab Marriage Pics

Individually, AmrDiab has accomplished the World Music Awards twice,

as smash hit center eastern artist in the two his collections “Nour El Ain” in 1998 and “AktarWahed” in 2002.

Likewise got a Platinum Award for the offers of “Nour El Ain”. Visit the honors area right now find out about Amr’s honors.

2004′s summer saw the arrival of “LeilyNehary” collection, Diab gave his fans what they’ve been yearning for,

an astonishing hit which knocked their socks off and beat their sensations.

“LeilyNehary” as indicated by the generation organization “Rotana” and the fans is to be one of the best collections out in the market.

“KammelKalamak” was discharged after in December 2005 after a long expectation from Amr’s fans,

as indicated by the huge deals records, the collection merited the pause!

The collection contains 10 tracks speaking to a year and half of persistent studio endeavors.

Amr won his third World Music Awards on “Ellila de” collection which has been discharged in July (2007).

Amr Diab Wedding Photos, Amr Diab Family Pictures, Amr Diab Marriage Pics

El-Helm Biography [12 Parts] have been discharged on the TV Channels by the end 2008.

The Biography evaluated Amr’s prosperity through his long profession notwithstanding the worldwide acknowledgment

and notoriety that Amr increased through his prosperity.

After much envisioning, 2009 saw another achievement in Amr’s vocation, with the arrival of “Wayah”.

12 track hits the late spring to put Amr – of course – over the race.

Marina show was the demonstrated accomplishment from his fans with more than 80,000 people.

The collection won four African Music Awards in London and two Apple music grants in New York

The incredible craftsman AmrDiab discharged hit single ” AslahaBetefrea” in 2010;

It included one melody with three unique courses of action, it made monstrous progress and was on the top graphs during the current year

Also, he played out his yearly show in Golf Porto Marina where More than 120,000 visited.

In october 2010, AmrDiab won two African music grants , Best Male Act of Africa and Best North African Artist,

during the African Music Award Festival in London

Amr Diab Wedding Photos, Amr Diab Family Pictures, Amr Diab Marriage Pics

September 2011, saw the arrival of the hit collection “BanadeekTaala”, which had huge accomplishment with its discharge,

and was considered by the entirety of AmrDiab’s fans, the best collection that was ever discharged for AmrDiab.

The collection is created by Rotana. AmrDiab made 9 tunes right now, was thought to be the explanation

behind the huge accomplishment of the collection. The collection contains 12 track-list.

In February 2011, AmrDiab discharged his hit single “MasrAllet” (i.e: Egypt talked).

The tune was discharged during the 2011 upset in Egypt and was devoted to the saints of the upheaval

In 2012, Diab made the FIRST Google home base in the center east during his exhibition in Dubai.

10 champs got the opportunity to speak LIVE with AmrDiab through Google Hangout.

AmrDiab propelled his “AmrDiab Academy” in 2012 on Youtube.

The program was in look for artists from everywhere throughout the world.

Diab expected to dispatch it on Youtube to make it simpler for gifts to try out the foundation from everywhere throughout the world.

A huge number of gifts submitted to AmrDiab Academy and at the last stage two victors were declared:

MohanadZoheir and WafaeChikki who went along with him marking a two part harmony in his Egypt show in 2012

Amr Diab Wedding Photos, Amr Diab Family Pictures, Amr Diab Marriage Pics

In 2013, Diab had his Golden Tour praising 30 years of progress. The visit started in Australia and proceeded in Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, Greece and Romania

In August 2013, Diab discharged “El Leila” Album which was a significant hit

and was the main selling collection on all the world classification in iTunes and Rotana.

Diab discharged his music video “El Leila” which was shot in Greece, the music video made in excess of 10 million perspectives soon after its discharge

On New Year’s eve 2013, Diab acted in Romania, Bucharest.

The show had a great many romanian fans and different fans traveled to go to the show. The show occurred in Romexpo arena

On May 27, 2014 AmrDiab won large at World Music Awards in Monaco, Diab has won:

1-Best Egyptian Artist,
2-Best Male Arab Artist
3-Best-selling Arab Album (El Leila)
4-World’s Best Arab Male Artist Voted Online

Lamentably AmrDiab couldn’t be in Monaco to get his honors.

Diab is presently viewed as the main Middle Eastern craftsman to get 7 World Music Awards consistently.

Amr Diab Wedding Photos

Amr Diab Wedding Photos

Amr Diab Wedding Photos

Amr Diab Wedding Photos

Amr Diab Wedding Photos

Amr Diab Wedding Photos