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Andie Paige Rosafort, a former lunch aid in New Fairfield, allegedly sent nude photographs and videos to a teenage boy via Snapchat over a six-month period and also had s** with him.

Rosafort, 31, is alleged to have sent her first image to the boy by first asking him: ‘You want to see something?’

Andie Rosafort is 31 years old

On March 1, Andie Rosafort, a lunch lady in the New Fairfield school district, was arraigned for allegedly having inappropriate relations with a 14-year-old boy.

According to Fox News Digital, in February, Andie Rosafort was arrested on suspicions that she had assaulted a 14-year-old.

The criminal complaint stated that Rosafort was accused of establishing online contact with the victim when he was only in the 8th grade.

The police statement did not say whether the victim was a boy or girl nor specified the victim’s age, but the affidavit in the case identified the victim as a 14-year-old boy and athlete.

In addition, the child’s friend who reported the alleged illicit activity was identified as a girl.

The affidavit signed by State Police Detective Jared Barbero said that a school resource officer initially looked into the allegations and forwarded a complaint to investigators on Jan. 17.

Andie Rosafort 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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Andie Rosafort 10 Fast Facts, Bio, Wiki

Andie Rosafort has a lunch lady in the New Fairfield school district. She was accused of allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old boy. She was arrested on suspicion that he assaulted a 14-year-old boy.

She was accused of establishing contact with the victim online when he was only in the 8th grade. When the victim was in 9th grade, Rosafort allegedly lured the minor into his car before assaulting her after some months.

On 17 February an arrest warrant was announced for the lunch lady. She was also charged with enticing a minor by computer, risk of injury to a minor, and second-degree physical assault.

The warrant read:

“The victim stated he was surprised he received a photo from her, so he stated he asked Rosafort if she meant to send the photo to him, and she then sent another photo. The victim stated that most times, Rosafort sent unsolicited photos and video.”

Andie Rosafort is 31 years old as of now. Her exact date of birth and birthplace is not mentioned yet. She was arrested on suspicions that she had assaulted a 14-year-old.

After some months the boy was 14 years old, she was attending a party when Andy Rosafort allegedly lured her into his SUV, where he allegedly assaulted her.

The police statement read:

“During an interview, a parent of one of the victim’s friends told investigators that on Saturday, January 14, 2023, while the parent was traveling out of state, their child had called them sounding upset.”

The statement detailed what the victim’s friend told his parents, who immediately notified the boy’s family:

According to the parent, their child had attended a gathering the night before at a residence in New Fairfield and that during the gathering one of the child’s friends said they needed to leave but that they planned to return.