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aneel mussarat daughter wedding

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British businessman

Born: November 1969 (age 51 years), Manchester, United Kingdom

Nationality: British

Net worth: £300 million (November 2018)

Children: Anooshe Mussarat

Siblings: Nabeel Chowdery

Aneel Mussarat is a British businessman.

He is the Founder of MCR Property Group.

Aneel was born in Manchester in November 1969.

After completing high school, Aneel started to buy, renovate and rent out properties in Manchester.

Aneel founded Classic Homes in 1989, and is currently CEO of MCR Property Group, a real estate investment and development company.

Aneel Mussarat became affiliated with Pakistan-based political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in 2012 and has done considerable fundraising for them in the United Kingdom.

Due to Mussarat’s background in real estate development, he has advised Imran Khan on a key manifesto pledge, which was to implement a policy framework for building 5 million homes in Pakistan by the year 2023.

Mussarat set up the Rafay Mussarat Foundation.

The Rafay Mussarat foundation has partnered with Minhaj Welfare Foundation to provide aid to Rohingya refugees during the Rohingya crisis.

The foundation also supports the National Autistic Society.

Mussarat is married, and has 4 children. He lives in Cheshire. He is a Muslim.

In 2008, Mussarat was listed on the Sunday Times Rich List, and ranked the 550th richest person in the United Kingdom.

He was also awarded Businessman of the Year, at the British Muslim Awards in 2013.

In 2018, he received an honour for his business and philanthropic work at the Greater Manchester Business Leaders Dinner & Awards for his work in founding the Rafay Mussarat Foundation and his ongoing work to provide aid for Rohingya people.

In 2019, Mussarat was nominated in the category of Businessman of the Year in the English Asian Business Awards.

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aneel mussarat daughter wedding

Aneel Mussarat 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Aneel Mussarat was born in Manchester in 1970 to Pakistani parents settled in Manchester from Faisalabad city.

Aneel was ranked the 466th richest person in the United Kingdom and 21st richest Asian in the UK in 2007 by the Sunday Times.

He is founder of MCR Property Group.

After completing high school, Aneel Mussarat engaged in collecting rent and managing properties that his family owned.

Despite having bitter experiences with tenants, Aneel found interest in this sector and decided to engage completely in the property business.

Aneel started to buy, renovate and rent out properties in Manchester. That were within the range of £10,000.

Aneel worked dedicatedly in his “buy to let” business and found massive success as time passed.

Aneel developed important contacts with the stakeholders of his business.

His hardwork and commitment earned him good name and reputation and with his Business relations.

Aneel moved up the ladder with time and started managing, constructing, renting out properties through a Private Limited Company named as “Classic Homes”.

Aneel’s interest developed further with success and he continued to expand his business further into residential and from residential to commercial sector.

Aneel also specialised in student residences in Manchester and the most famous of the project known as “Student Village”.

He is also famous by the title of “Student Housing Magnate”.

In 2006 Aneel merged the residential and commercial businesses into one large group formed to be known as MCR Property Group.

MCR now holds a portfolio of in excess of £1,ooo million of which £300 million is the end value of current developments.

The Group’s combined holdings place it amongst the largest property groups in the North-West England along with Peel Holdings and Bruntwood.

The Group’s commercial holdings return is very competitive and is a major success.

It is also expanding outside Manchester with sections of properties in Central London, student accommodations in Liverpool and investment properties in Dubai, Europe and the USA.

The goodwill of the group is very high. The Group has already achieved its target of £1 billion before the due date.

The group now has set a target of £5 billion for 2020 and is well on the way.

The group is one of the best asset management, asset investment companies in the UK.

Aneel is also a producer of Bollywood movies.

People close to him say he is kind hearted and caring. He likes people who want to work hard in life the way he spends his life.

He is mostly a private person but is sometimes seen in different social gatherings such as Film awards, movie openings and political receptions.

He does like to socialise with close family and friends. His interests involve movies, family and travel.