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Spouse(s): Saumil Patel

Other name: Aneeta Ayoob, Anita Ayub, Anita Ayub Majeed

Children: Shezap

Siblings: Amber Ayub

Nationality: Indian, Pakistani

Name Anita Ayub

Nationality Pakistani

Date of Birth 26 Jun ?

Place of Birth ?

Famous For Modeling, Acting

Anita Ayub, Actresses is famous for Modeling, Acting, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 26 Jun ?

Anita Ayub is a Pakistani model and actress. she is so beautiful Pakistani models and actresses.

She has appeared in Pakistani and indian movies and advertisements .

She was more of a hit as a controversial model because of my interviews. She is sister of Pakistan actress amber ayub .

She has settled in New York with her son Shezap, now a year and-a-half, which allows her sometime to work other than in the house!

For some time she hosted shows in New York on a TV.

Some Movies of Anita Ayub are ”Chalti ka naam Gaadi”,”Sub ke Baap”,”Gangster”and ”Pyaar Ka Tarana”.

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Anita Ayub 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Ayoob married Saumil Patel, an Indian Gujarati businessman in the late 1990s. After her marriage, she shifted to New York.

She has a son named Shazer with Saumil Patel. After her divorce with Patel, she was married to Subak Majeed, a Pakistani businessman.

Anita Ayoob (also written as Anita Ayub and Aneeta Ayoob) is a former Pakistani actress and model, who appeared in Bollywood films, Pakistani films, television and advertisements in the 1980s and 1990s.

She made her Bollywood debut in 1993 with film Pyar Ka Tarana, which was written and directed by Dev Anand.

However, she made her acting debut with a Pakistani television serial Gardish. She acted again in Dev Anand’s 1994 film, Gangster.

She also appeared in Pakistani TV series, Hasina-E Alam in 1992.

As a model, she represented her country in Miss Asia Pacific International beauty pageant held in Manila, Philippines in 1989.

She was forced to withdraw from the beauty contest when she made a controversial remark on polygamy during the contest.

After appearing in some movies in India and Pakistan, she has settled in New York, when she could not get her working visa extended in India.

In 1989, she participated in the Miss Asia Pacific International beauty pageant, where she made a controversial remark on polygamy during the contest in Manila, Philippines.

She was quoted as saying, “Muslim women should be allowed to have four spouses, just as Muslim men can take four wives at any one time.”

After her statement, she was forced to withdraw from the contest. She was accused of preaching immorality by outraged Pakistanis.