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Anita Ayoob is an entertainer, known for Gangster (1994), Sub Ke Baap (1994) and Pyaar Ka Tarana (1993).

Companion: Saumil Patel

Kin: Amber Ayub

Little league on-screen character Anita Ayub was very near Dawood Ibrahim,

to such an extent that maker Javed Siddique was shot dead a few years back by Dawood’s assassins

after he would not take Pakistani entertainer Anita Ayub in a Hindi film.

Anita Ayub, Actresses is well known for Modeling, Acting, Pakistani VIP. Conceived on 26 Jun.

Anita Ayub is a Pakistani model and on-screen character. she is so excellent Pakistani models and on-screen characters,.

Anita Ayub Wedding Photos

She has showed up in Pakistani and indian motion pictures and notices .She was to a greater degree a hit as a disputable model in view of my meetings.

She is sister of Pakistan entertainer golden ayub .She has settled in New York with her child Shezap, presently 18 months,

which permits her at some point to work other than in the house! For quite a while she facilitated appears in New York on a TV.

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A few Movies of Anita Ayub are ”Chalti ka naam Gari”,”Sub ke Baap”,”Gangster”and ”Pyaar Ka Tarana”.

I was perusing an article a day or two ago in which a female essayist clarifies that how ladies also will get male virgins in paradise.

Anita Ayub Wedding Photos

While I found the article intriguing and engaging, it helped me to remember Anita Ayub.

Anita Ayub was a model and an on-screen character in Pakistan in the late 1980’s and mid 1990’s.

She likewise worked in an Indian motion picture called ‘ Pyar Ka Tarana’.

Legend has it that she began to look all starry eyed at a Sikh, wedded him, and moved to India.

I don’t have the foggiest idea whether there is any reality to this news or not.

Anita was a lovely, savvy, and canny model with genuine absence of ability.

She made statements those days that most Pakistani ladies were not permitted to state.

She accomplished things those days that most Pakistani ladies were not permitted to do.

Anita Ayub Wedding Photos

She got many Fatwas (strict judgment to be murdered) against her.

It has been a leisure activity of our mullas to give Fatwas for a considerable length of time.

Be that as it may, things were not this awful in the 1990’s. I call those days “past times worth remembering of Fatwas”.

When moulvi hazarat gave a Fatwa those days, not many devotees sent you passing dangers, you apologized, they pardoned you.

Everybody proceeded onward and no one got injured.

Who realized that one day the Zia-ul-Haq time would be viewed as a moderately serene time!

A long time back when I was only a kid, I heard that Anita Ayub had posed a very awful inquiry,

“If men will get hoors (virgins) in paradise, what are ladies going to get?”

Anita Ayub Wedding Photos

I recall my mother remarking on Anita’s profound quality and attitude in a not all that supplementing way.

My adolescent personality was befuddled. The inquiry didn’t appear that nonsensical to me.

Gambling judgment all alone profound quality and attitude, I inquired as to whether there was a solution to Anita’s inquiry.

My mother said justifiably that in paradise ladies would become hoors themselves. Approaching any further inquiries implied posing for God’s rage.

This is the place we are halted. At the point when you don’t get it, posing any further inquiries is a transgression.

Along these lines, moulvis of Pakistan gave a Fatwa against her.

One week from now, Anita’s statement of regret was distributed with the clarification this isn’t what she implied. H

ow might she be able to potentially scrutinize the awesome laws? The issue for sure finished.

Mullas put her scene of impermanent craziness (or intelligent intuition) behind.

So this is the thing that I call past times worth remembering of Fatwas.

At the point when you talked your inquisitive personality, hardly any great moulvis really attempted to clarify things amiably,

few gave Fatwa, you apologized, and you got the chance to live.

Anita Ayub Wedding Photos

Anita Ayub Wedding Photos

Anita Ayub Wedding Photos

Anita Ayub Wedding Photos