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anjeer benefits

Benefits of Anjeer as an Effective Antioxidant: Anjeer consists of phenolic compounds that are beneficial to human health due to their antioxidant activity as hydrogen donators, reducing agents, singlet oxygen quenchers, free radical scavengers, etc.

Studies have stated that various constituents of anjeer scavenge reactive oxygen species to prevent damage to deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), lipids and proteins.

Anticancer Benefits of Anjeer: Cytotoxic compounds have been extracted from anjeer latex.

These compounds during in vitro studies exhibited inhibition of proliferation by several cancer cell lines.

Thus, anjeer latex is considered a possible inhibitor of the production and development of cancerous cells.

Studies on the impact of anjeer latex on stomach cancer cell line growth demonstrate its potential antitumor effects.

Benefits of Anjeer as a Hepatoprotective Agent : Several studies have shown the potential hepatoprotective activity of anjeer extract.

Research on rats studied the petroleum ether extract from leaves of anjeer.

The extract was evaluated in a study on rats for hepatoprotective activity, and significant reversal of histological, biochemical and functional changes was observed.

This suggested the prospective hepatoprotective activity of the extract.

Benefits of Anjeer as a Hypoglycaemic Agent: Antidiabetic effect of extract of anjeer stem bark was demonstrated.

It was found that the extract restored the blood glucose levels to normal.

A study on diabetic rats showed that the anjeer leaf extract has a hypoglycaemic effect.

A preclinical study also showed that anjeer and its leaves in food help to control hyperglycaemia.

Benefits of Anjeer in Controlling Cholesterol: Studies on anjeer leaf extract demonstrated its potential in reducing hepatic triglyceride (TG) and secretion of cholesterol (total cholesterol) and TG from the liver.

The results of studies performed on animal models indicate that anjeer fruit may reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases.5

Anjeer as an Antibacterial & Antifungal Agent: Anjeer extract demonstrated antibacterial activity against oral bacteria in a study.

The effect of the extract in combination with antibiotics against oral bacteria indicated that anjeer could be used as a natural antibacterial agent.

Studies also reported that the anjeer leaf extract also exhibits bactericidal activity and moderate antifungal activity.

Benefits of Anjeer Due to its Antipyretic Activity: Extracts of anjeer have been studied to demonstrate a reduction in body temperature and yeast-induced rise in temperature. The extract showed effects comparable to generic antipyretic drugs.

Benefits of Anjeer Against Tuberculosis: In a study, leaves extract of anjeer was found effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis causing bacteria).

Due to this ability, it is traditionally used in Malaysia for the management of tuberculosis.

Anjeer as an Antispasmodic & Antiplatelet Agent: Experiments have shown the antispasmodic effect of anjeer extract. Results also show the possibility of the ripe dried fruit having spasmolytic activity.

The extract was investigated using an ex-vivo model of human platelets, and the antispasmodic and antiplatelet effects were observed.

Anjeer Health Benefits

Anjeer Health Benefits

Figs Control blood pressure and aging: Figs are rich in potassium, which negates the effect of sodium and helps in controlling blood pressure. Anjeet can also help in controlling aging effects by providing you enough iron, estrogen, etc.

Figs keep your hormones in check and boost your energy as well. Figs are also great for skin and hair and nails. Mashed figs applied on the face can prevent acne.

Figs Help in weight management: Moderate amount of figs can help in controlling weight. Figs are rich in fiber, and therefore dietitians suggest that eating figs is a good way to keep junk and fried foods at bay.

When in the mood for a light snack, pick figs and they will make you feel full, at the same time, but in a healthy way.

Heart-Healthy food: Figs reduce the number of triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are the culprit for inducing heart disease as they are fat particles that accumulate along the blood vessel and cause heart attacks.

Figs Reduces chances of cancer: Figs are rich in antioxidants and therefore help in controlling the release of free radicals and chronic inflammation.

The free radicals are the ones responsible for chronic inflammation including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Figs are therefore believed to have a preventive effect on these chronic health conditions.

Figs Control blood sugar: The chlorogenic acid present in figs helps in reducing blood sugar levels in diabetics. Potassium which is found in abundance in figs also plays a good role in the control of blood sugar levels.

Figs Improves bone health: Calcium is the main ingredient required for healthy bones, and figs are a good natural source for this. While dairy products are a good source, they are not alone sufficient, and figs can be a good second-line supplement.

Anjeer Aids in constipation: Being rich in fiber, figs are good for intestinal motility and can prevent constipation. The fiber provides roughage, aiding in good bowel movements.

Anjeer keeps the reproductive system in check: Figs are rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc, and manganese which contribute to vitality and fertility. Figs can be soaked in milk and consumed or eaten in other forms as mentioned above.

So, if you’re pregnant or planning a baby, do include this superfood in your diet.

Figs prevent kidney stones: Boil some figs in water and once cool, this water can be consumed for a few days to prevent kidney stones. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a Dietitian/Nutritionist.