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Anthony Patch, since 1969 is a Christian Believer, and a distributed Author, Researcher and Speaker.

He is most popular for his broad, driving edge and brilliant research centered upon the experimentation in progress in Geneva, Switzerland

with the Large Hadron Collider, some portion of the CERN association.

Following a 27-year profession as a Paramedic out of Oakland, California,

Anthony set out upon more than 20 years of examination into Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence, and DNA change.

Since distributing his first book, Covert Catastrophe in 2013, followed in 2014 by 2048: Diamonds in the Rough,

and in 2016 genuine, Revising Reality; Anthony has showed up on various radio projects,

incorporating Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis, and John B. Wells on Caravan to Midnight.

He is host of The Anthony Patch Show heard every day since mid-2016 on Truth Frequency Radio.

Anthony is the Founder and Editor of Entangled Magazine, distributed month to month since June, 2017.

Anthony Patch Wikipedia

Hi, my name is Anthony Patch. I am the Founder of Entangled Magazine a keen and dramatic computerized production

concentrated on current advances and declarations in:

Quantum Computing

Man-made consciousness

Digital forms of money/Blockchain

Quantum Mechanics

DNA/RNA Modifications

I decipher science, both antiquated and present day, and its effect on the eventual fate of humankind.

I am a creator, analyst, instructor, and radio telecaster.

I am energetic about what I do.

Understanding quantum figuring difficulties many. Luckily, the individuals who look to learn are astute people who aren’t hesitant to get their work done.

There are numerous ways to take, entryways to open, and dividers to survive. Genuine combinatorial enhancement necessitates that all roads be investigated.

Caught Magazine endorsers and radio audience members value the incentive in knowing why our reality is encountering a change in perspective.

They are coming into the completion of seeing exactly how profoundly the physical, specialized, logical, and otherworldly domains are interwoven.

They perceive the should be outfitted with information so as to get ready for the difficulties that are undoubtedly ahead.

Anthony Patch Wikipedia

I am your Researcher and Reporter. I would like to rouse basic reasoning. Believing that is clear, sound, receptive, and educated by proof.

Here, we take part in the psychological procedures of effectively and dexterously conceptualizing, applying, breaking down,

combining, and assessing data so as to arrive at answers or resolutions.

You are welcome to draw in me through Patreon. This site is your course of data assembled and introduced from a wide range of sources.

From the absolutely logical, to philosophical and profound. For the physical can’t be isolated from the otherworldly.

As your Researcher and Reporter, I will convey more than insignificant realities.

Taken in setting, a translation and Christian point of view borne of long periods of applied research. From the comprehensive view, to the particulars.

A part of my examination is offered uninhibitedly. While the mass is accessible solely through my Patreon clients gathering,

the substance of which remaining basically indistinguishable with contrasts just in remunerations/endowments.

Anthony Patch Wikipedia

From my Entangled Magazine, to selective messages, early access to live and pre-recorded Webinars, to my week by week radio projects and books.

A variety of settings are utilized here at Entangled Productions in the conveyance of tip-of-the-stick data significant to our day by day and future lives.

Much obliged to you for your time, thought and backing as your Researcher and Reporter.

– Anthony Patch, Editor-In-Chief, Entangled Magazine

Anthony Patch Wikipedia