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The kind of success and growth that we notice across industries and businesses can be attributed to technological advances, but one cannot deny the immense hard work and passion of young individuals to take these industries to exponential levels of success.

The industry of beauty, makeup and fashion are some of them that have increasingly seen the rise of many such talented beings.

We came across one such hit brother-sister duo who has astounded people as young entrepreneurs, influencers and celebrity makeup artists; they are Kashif Aslam and Anum Aslam.

These two talented beings have paved their own path across different niches proving their versatility and showing the world how consistent efforts, the attitude of making the most of the opportunities and pure passion can help people gain the success they desire.

Kashif and Anum today are multi-talented makeup artists and a top choice for celebrities as well. They own the brand “Kashee’s”, which has given a whole new meaning to the beauty industry with the kind of makeup transformations they have provided to clients.

Starting their journeys at a very early age, the siblings have come a long way in the industry by excelling not just with their brand Kashee’s as makeup artists but have also shown their excellence with their other brands and businesses like their beauty salons, photography, and videography studio, bridal boutique, hair extension line, cosmetic line, and jewellery line.

Kashif Aslam, who is still in his early thirties, has even attained expertise in hair styling, colouring, waiving, etc., apart from eyelash extensions, acrylic nails, sketching, painting, as well as teaching.

Kashif Aslam recalls how after getting started as a freelance makeup artist and learning newer styles and looks, he simultaneously also trained his young sister Anum Aslam.

For years, they have maintained a great position in the industry so far and have dived in probably every creative and beauty niche to create their unique space in these industries and emerge as true winners in all that they choose to lay their hands on.

In the makeup industry, Kashee’s as a brand has earned the highest popularity with massive followers and fans across social media platforms and even won the YouTube Silver Play Button, amongst many other awards and accolades.

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Anum Aslam 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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Ever wondered what could have been the reasons behind their meteoric rise in their industries? “Nothing beats pure love for what one does and perseverance,” says Kashif Aslam, who stands tall as one of the best celebrity makeup artists along with his sister Anum Aslam in Pakistan.

Their popularity has definitely grown out of their country and has reached different parts of the world, thanks to social media platforms. “Kashee’s” is their brand, owned by Kashif Aslam, but it oozes the creativity and innovativeness of the famous brother-sister duo.