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Only 25-year-old Arjun Ayanki is the key link in the gold smuggling case that is taking place through Karipur and Kannur airports. Apart from gold smuggling, he has been working for the last four years by confiscating gold smuggled by others.

Arjun, who was a DYFI activist in Azhikote, was expelled from the party a year ago. But Arjun’s work is still under the guise of the party. Arjun’s telephone conversation which clarifies it has also come out. Arjun is already accused in many criminal cases.

Arjun, who was in the children’s gang, SFI and DYFI, was expelled from the party last year. But Arjun is still active as a left campaigner in the cyber world. Arjun’s method is to hide this and scare the victims.

Arjun’s threat is that many party leaders are part of this and will not be allowed to return home.

Arjun planned to smuggle gold at Karipur airport a month ago. It was in conjunction with its counterpart in the Gulf. But the person who came as a carrier did not return home and sank with the gold.

Later, his threatening message on WhatsApp read, “You have not bargained with me. I know how to lock you. You will not come to the country. We are not the only ones in this. There are also parties in Panur and Mahi. Everyone is giving a job.

No one will be seen to protect.” Customs believe that Arjun was also a part of the Ramnatuka incident. The person who smuggled the gold in the plane was constantly in touch with Arjun on the phone.

The CCTV footage of Arjun reaching the spot in a red Swift car is also proof of this. Later, customs raid was conducted at Arjun’s house.

Arjun Ayanki 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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The customs probing the foiled attempt to smuggle 2.33kg of gold through the Karipur airport and subsequent accident in which five members of a gang who were chasing another gang to seize the consignment were killed, arrested former DYFI member Arjun Ayanki on Monday for abetting the gold smuggling activities.

According to customs, he used to lure gold carriers by offering money.

The Kannur native, who turned up at the customs office here in the morning, was arrested in the evening after recording his statement under Section 108 of the Customs Act.

He will be produced before the Ernakulam Additional Chief Judicial First Class (Economic Offence) Court on Tuesday.

While seeking the custody of Malappuram native Muhammad Shafeeque, who was intercepted at the Karipur airport with the gold last week, the customs had told the court that it has received evidence about the involvement of Arjun.

Shafeeque, who is lodged in the Manjeri sub-jail, was examined through video conferencing. According to the customs, Arjun was supposed to receive the smuggled gold and had promised carrier Shafeeque Rs 40,000 as remuneration and an air ticket.