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Arjun Gowda IAS 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Arjun Gowda was born in a little village of Karnataka on May 9, 1992. He is 29 years old ( as of 2021).

‘Dr. Nagarjun D Gowda’ is his original birth name. He was brought up in a middle-class family.

Since childhood, he was a bright student. The financial condition of his family was not in a good state.

So at a very early stage, he made up his mind to become a government officer.

In his hometown, he finished his schooling at a community private school.

He finished his MBBS degree in 2016 and later on, he cracked the IAS examination.

In India, Arjun Gowda is well-known for scoring the AIR 418 UPSC CSE batch of 2018.

He worked really hard to clear the exam and he did it. In the batch of 2019 at Manipur Cadre, he became an IAS officer.

Later on, he shifted to the Madhya Pradesh Cadre. At the moment, he is working as a committed IAS at Madhya Pradesh Cadre.

Other than an IAS, he once appeared for a medical entrance test and got into MIMS and in the year 2016, he finished his MBBS degree.

At present, he is formally Dr Nagarjun B Gowda IAS.

Throughout Arjun Gowda’s IAS journey he came across a number of problems but he never gave up.

He worked really hard and reached this position today. Let’s learn more about Arjun Gowda’s IAS journey towards excellence.

# Arjun Gowda’s full name is Dr. Nagarjun B Gowda.

# He is currently 29 years old (as of 2021).

# By profession he is a Government Official, Social Media Influencer, Businessman and IAS Officer.

# His date of birth is on Saturday 9 May 1992.

# His place of birth is Karnataka, India.

# Presently he is residing in Madhya Pradesh.

# Education qualification- he finished his MBBS degree in 2016.

# His net worth is approximately INR 1-3 Crore.

# His height is approximately 5’8” inches in feet, 1.72 m in meters and 172 cm in centimetres.

During Dr Nagarjun B Gowda’s school days, he participated in various school activities.

Once he took part in the National Junior Championship in the year 2009 and secured the Silver medal.

He has been a brilliant student since childhood.

Being born in a middle-class family he and his family went through financial problems.

So at a very early age, he made up his mind to become a government officer.

UPSC Total Marks 977/ 2025

Interview Marks 193

Arjun Gowda did his schooling from a local private school, back in his hometown.

After completing his schooling he appeared for a medical entrance exam and got into MIMS, then in the year 2016, he finished his MBBS degree.

His main focus was on IAS exams.

He really worked hard to clear the IAS exams.

Because of his constant hard work and brilliant mind, today, Dr Nagarjun B Gowda is not only an IAS but also a doctor, influencer in social media and a prominent entrepreneur.

Presently Arjun Gowda IAS works at Madhya Pradesh Cadre. He does his job honestly.

Dr. Nagarjun B Gowda’s caste is the Vokkaligas. Hinduism is the religion that he follows. Arjun Gowda’s birth zodiac sign is Taurus.

After his father passed away, he got hold of all the responsibilities of his family without complaining much.

Even after all his struggles, he did not lose hope.

He worked really hard and due to his efforts, he cleared the IAS examination and became a prominent IAS officer.

When Arjun Gowda IAS got engaged to Srushti Jayant Deshmukh who is also an IAS officer, he went viral on the internet.

He disclosed his engagement news with IAS Srushti Jayant Deshmukh on his Instagram post on 2nd August 2021.

He got highlighted all over social media. Srushti also shared the news of her engagement on her Instagram.

After his marriage, he was later posted to the Madhya Pradesh Cadre.

In Karnataka at Mandya Medical College, Arjun Gowda got a job after finishing his MBBS Degree as he had to look after his family and take care of the responsibilities.

He studied by himself for the exam instead of going to any UPSC coaching centre.

According to the sources, he prepared for the IAS exam by purchasing books of mock tests and IAS.

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Arjun Gowda IAS 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

# Arjun Gowda is a huge fan of bikes.

# He is a Motivational speaker as well.

# Arjun Gowda has also achieved numerous awards and medals which includes The Coveted Esprit De Corps Award Gold Medal.

# He loves dogs, he has three dogs at home.

# In his free time Dr Nagarjun B Gowda likes cycling.

# He is a travel enthusiast and loves to visit different places with his friends.

# There are many travelling memories with his friends which he shared on his social media.

# Arjun Gowda is a big fan of Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the Iron Man of India.

# Currently, he has over 101k followers on Instagram.

# Dr Nagarjun B Gowda’s first post on his Instagram was with his friends.

# He loves adventure and in hilly regions, he loves to ride bikes.