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Asad Malik
Born: Karachi, Pakistan
Education: Crescent Model Higher Secondary School

Asad Malik is a Pakistani actor, film director and Film producer. He gained fame by 1990s and early 2000, after acting for PTV and NTM. he started his career as a film actor in 1989.

His debut performance on television was the classic NTM drama ‘Dasht’ in the year 1993. It was numerous hit, and he impressed the viewers by this searial.

In the same year he performed in a PTV drama ‘Doosra Asmaan’ which was the first Pakistani drama shot outside Pakistan.

After that he worked in many hit dramas on PTV as like ‘Janey Anjaney’, ‘Aansoo’ and ‘Niqab (TV series)’. Asad’s other PTV Plays was ‘Moum’, ‘Hawa, Rait Aur Angan’ and ‘Aurat Ka Ghar Konsa’.

He has also worked for much of drama serials on private channels as ‘Angoori’ (ATV), ‘Buri Aurat’ (Geo TV), ‘Kaisi Yeh Deewangi’ (Hum TV), ‘Larkiyan Mohallay Ki’ (Hum TV), ‘Adhoori Film Ki Puri Kahani’ (ATV) and ‘Dil Moti Ke Mole’ (ATV), ‘Manzil’ (ARY Digital), ‘Ali Ki Ammi’ (Geo TV), ‘Dhani’ (Geo TV), ‘Meherbaan’ (A Plus Entertainment) among many others.

Asad Malik is a Pakistani actor and model. The eldest of four siblings, with one brother who died in 2000, another settled in Lahore and a sister in Canada, he has been educated in the Crescent Model School, Lahore.

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Asad Malik is a Pakistani model, television and film actor who has been working in dramas and films since 1989.

Asad Malik enjoys scuba diving, hunting, flying and target shooting in his free time.

With Pakistani TV Actor, things have happened in the reverse order – he made his debut in films and then migrated from films to TV serials, which surely goes against the normal trend.

But keeping in tune with his penchant for adventure sports like scuba diving, flying and hunting, Asad is a self confessed “adventurer” and bold enough in whatever he does or comes across.

Although not one to have originally thought about an acting career, nor having taken any initial formal training for it, he grabbed the opportunity, prompted by his impulsive nature, when the opportunity came his way, back in 1989.

As mentioned, Asad Malik started his acting stint as a film actor in 1989, though none of the movies in which he featured could be referred to in any glowing terms, starting off with a horror movie entitled “Pamela”.

As his film career really did not take off in any way that would have given him any encouragement, he turned his attention to drama, which still is considered the best art form in Pakistan to show case one’s acting talents.

After a brief period of internship, Asad caught the eyes of discerning theater goers with his acting in the 1993 drama serial “Dasht”, shot in the backdrop of Balochistan with a woman centric theme, in the year 1993.