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Tiktok Star Asad Pervaiz and Nimra Asad are the latest victim of leaked video news.

Social media users are getting excited after alleged private video of famous couple ‘Asad and Nimra’ got leaked.

Reportedly, Asad and Nimra leaked video news became viral on Social media and WhatsApp groups.

The leaked video shows the couple in private (intimate) moments.

It seems that the couple recorded themselves on video camera and later on, the video became leaked on Social media by mistake of anyone of them.

We can not post full leaked video here as it is against the law.

However, the leaked video of Asad and Nimra is being shared on Twitter by dozens of people.

Several people are claiming that they have already watched the leaked video of Tiktok star Asad Pervaiz and Nimra Asad.

Those who have watched the leaked video of this couple, are sharing screenshots from the video and making memes with their leaked Pictures.

Meanwhile, others who only heard about the leaked video news of Asad and Nimra, are asking thier friends for the video or the link of their leaked video.

Soon after their wedding, Asad and Nimra were being criticised because of sharing the videos of their private moments.

But the recent leak of the couple is more than just an ordinary video. This is how the leaked video news of this couple started up.

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Asad and Nimra 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Asad Pervaiz is a famous young Pakistani Tik Tok star who got married with Nimra Asad earlier this February.

Their wedding was the main reason to make them famous on social media because the couple got married when they were only 18-Year-old.

Marriage in this young age was a unique thing for the people and the couple was being praised for getting into a legitimate relationship rather than staying in an illegitimate relation (Like a boyfriend/Girlfriend which is not welcomed in Pakistan’s society).

Asad Pervaiz has over one and half million (1.5 million) followers on his personal Tik Tok account.

The couple has a mutual Tik Tok account also with over half million followers.

Asad Pervaiz is also brother of another famous Pakistani Tik Tok star Zarpash Khan.

Asad was born in Muscat and he is studying A levels now.

He is football lover and his biggest is go for world tour with his wife Nimra.

They were neighbours in Pakistan.

Asad’s father want him to get married at such early age because He is only son of his father so and it His father also got married at age of 18.

His father want him to get married his grandmother can see his wedding function as her grandmother use say that ” Pata nahi asad ki shadi tek mai zinda bhi ho gi ya nahi.”

This was the reason why his father convince for him to get married at age of 18.

Recently young couple from Lahore make headlines as they married at age of just 18. Both girl and boy are teenagers.

They are perfect example of Nikkah Ko Aasaan karo.

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