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ashley graham weight loss

Ashley Graham 10 Weight Loss Tips

Ashley mostly consumes healthy food like lots of fresh fruits, veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats.

She revealed that she eats everything. Take a look at the table below to know what keeps her looking gorgeous throughout the day.


Breakfast A smoothie made of kale, ginger, lemon, apple, beetroot, and parsley.

Lunch Quinoa and brown rice bowl with veggies, topped with tahini.

Dinner Baked salmon, arugula, and sweet potato.

Snacks Chocolate Tree chia crackers.

Cheat Day Lunch or Dinner Mac and cheese.

Apart from eating healthy, Ashley also keeps herself active by working out. Here’s her workout routine.

Ashley Graham’s Instagram and other social media accounts are full of pictures showing her working out.

She trains with Dawin Pena and does HIIT like jumping squats, lunges, burpees, ball smash, scissor legs, and jackknife, and strength training like sledgehammer swings, planks, push-ups, barbell squats, resistance band hip thrusts, and double band sumo deadlifts.

She also ran her first 5k marathon recently and goes for aerial stretching classes to keep her body flexible.

But her favorite form of exercise is kickboxing.

It helps her burn a lot of calories, improves her reaction time, and strengthens her bones and muscles.

It is clear that Ashley is a fitness enthusiast and loves doing different types of workouts to keep her body fit, strong, and agile.

Graham feels about green juice the way most people do about apples: one a day keeps the doctor away.

Her favorite combo is a blend of kale (sometimes she adds spinach, too), lemon, ginger, beets, apple, and parsley.

Graham will also reach for a bottle of East Coast chain Juice Press’s Green Giant when she’s on the go.

It’s got most of the same ingredients, plus a little kick, thanks to cayenne powder.

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Ashley Graham 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Born: October 30, 1987 (age 33 years), Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Height: 1.75 m

Spouse: Justin Ervin (m. 2010)

Parents: Linda Graham

Eye color: Brown

Children: Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin

She has attended the shows- ‘Entertainment Tonight’, ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ (it dealt with her Lane Bryant Ad)

She was still in High School when she started her career as a model.

She has been interviewed by CBS News, NPR.

She has Modeled & appeared on Commercials for- Addition Elle, Bloomingdale’s, Denim, Elomi lingerie, Evans, Hanes, Levi, Liz Claiborne Macy’s, Nordstrom, Marina Rinaldi, swimsuitsforall, Target.

In 2012 she was named Full Figured Fashion Week’s Model of the Year.

Ashley Graham designed a lingerie line for the Canadian clothing store chain – Addition Elle in 2013.

Swimsuitsforall made a campaign #CurvesInBikinis to raise the awareness that every type of body is beautiful. Ashley Graham was hired by swimsuitsforall for the campaign.

Ashley Graham became the 1st plus-size model to be published on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’

Graham was a judge at the reality show ‘America’s Next Top Model’

Graham was a backstage host for the competitions Miss USA 2016, Miss USA 2017

Jezebel listed her as one of the Top 5 plus size models alongside Alyona Osmanova, Leah Kelley, Sabina Karlsson, Marquita Pring.

Ashley was of size 12 at the age of 12.

I was always beyond confident because my mom and dad never put me down for my size, I come from a big-boned family.

She was listed in the prestigious- Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list.

Ashley Graham lingerie collection: Ashley launched her own line of lingeries in 2015. She designs them for Addition Elle, swimsuitsforall.

In November 2016 in the show “Good Morning America” as a part of the series ‘Body Proud’ doctors conducted medical tests on Ashley & Abeda Davis 2 of the popular plus-size models, the tests concluded both to be very healthy.

It goes on to break the myth that full figure bodies are unhealthy

She is into sports like Boxing & practices fitness exercises like Barre, Bootcamp, CrossFit, Rollerblading, Weight-lifting. She usually works out in the morning.

She got called ‘Cow’ on her instagram account for her size, but such mean comments never disturbed her as she felt comfortable with herself.

Ashley and her trainer have created a fitness program called ‘Curvy Fit Club’ for the plus size women.

She is lactose intolerant, she takes sorbet instead of ice creams.

She was named ‘Woman of the Year’ by Glamour(2016)

There is a Barbie doll modeled after Ashley

She was listed in People Magazine’s ’25 Most Intriguing People of the Year. for the year2016.

She featured in the ‘Most Influence People in the World’ by TIME magazine for 2017.

Ashley Graham’s book: ‘A NEW MODEL: What Confidence, Beauty & Power Really Look Like’ is a book published by Ashley in 2017, it was published through ‘Dey Street Books’

She can drink a bottle of water in one take.

She laughs obnoxiously as per her own confession.

She can apply lipstick without a mirror.

Ashley is White by race, but has looks similar to Eva Mendez who is a Latino.

She is the first plus-size model to be hired by Jennifer Lopez for her line of clothing

Her husband has a pet name for her- Butt.

She was molested at the age of 10 by a relative of age 18, and had went through domestic abuse.

Ashley had been making in excess of $100,000 per year since she was 17.

But she lost a lot of it in her youth from irresponsible spending.

She was bullied in school, she was called named like ‘thunder thighs’, ‘cottage cheese thighs’

She appeared in a video for DNCE singer Joe Jonas.

Her mother had not seen a black person in real life until she was 18 years old.

She is of German & English ancestry.

She had a broken relationship with her father. He was critical of Ashley and had nicknamed her ‘Duh’, shaming her for her size and calling her dumb.

Her first boyfriend dumped her for being fat and not willing to have sex with.

She considers Kim Kardashian her Icon and inspiration.