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Born: June 24, 1957, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Died: November 6, 2021
Music group: UB40 (1978 – 2013)

Terence Wilson (24 June 1957 – 6 November 2021), better known by his stage name Astro, was a British musician, rapper, and toaster, who was part of UB40 from 1979 until he left the group in November 2013.

His nickname comes from his childhood as he wore a pair of Dr. Martens boots with the model name “Astronaut”.

He went to school with the future keyboard player of UB40, Virtue. While DJ-ing, he met the Campbell brothers, and bonded so well with them over a love of Jamaican music that they invited him to join them as their MC.

He believed that reggae music was for everyone, and shouldn’t just be for Jamaican Rastafarians.

In the band’s 1983 version of Red Red Wine, he added his own “toasting” lyrics, which is a Jamaican forerunner to rapping.

This became an integral part to the group’s sound.

Astro offered the band a more militant edge, rapping about social injustice and racism.

He encountered racism himself when he was refused admittance to nightclubs on account of his dreadlocks, when white members of the band were welcomed.

He eventually quit the band in 2013 after they decided to record a set of Country songs.

He wasn’t interested in this genre of music and was only interested in performing and promoting reggae.

He went on to join Ali Campbell and Virtue in a Rival band to UB40.

Astro died following a short illness on 6 November 2021, at the age of 64.

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Terence Wilson, best known by his stage name Astro, was a British musician, rapper, and toaster who was a member of UB40 from 1979 to November 2013, when he quit the group.

His nickname stems from a pair of Dr. Martens boots with the model name “Astronaut” that he wore as a kid.

Astro, real name Terence Wilson, a former member of UB40, died following a brief illness, according to his current band.

After that, he joined the breakaway group UB40, which included Ali Campbell and Astro.

“We are incredibly devastated and completely heartbroken to have to tell you that our dear Astro died away today after a very short illness,” the band said in a statement on Twitter.

“The world will never be the same without him. We ask you to please respect his family’s privacy at this incredibly difficult time.”

UB40 had a long run of success in the UK singles charts, with hits like Red Red Wine and (I Can’t Help) Falling in Love with You. Around 100 million albums were sold globally by the band.

Astro and former members Ali Campbell and Mickey Virtue established a breakaway group after departing the band in 2013.

Astro said in a May interview with the Guardian that when the band began in 1978, they were the voice of knowledgeable working-class dissatisfaction with a variety of political and global issues.

He said: “I went through the same rigmarole as most black people in the late 70s,” recalling the “sus law” that allowed the arrests of people deemed to be acting suspiciously, often on flimsy, racist pretexts.

“It was a weekly occurrence. We found it harder to write love songs than militant lyrics because it was a lot easier to write about stuff you had witnessed or read about. It seemed natural to us.”

Brian Travers, the saxophonist, and lyricist for UB40 died in August at the age of 62. The reggae band’s founding member passed away at his home in Moseley, Birmingham, surrounded by his family.

Terence Wilson was 64 years old when he passed away. He was born on 24th June 1957. He was British by nationality.

No details on the parents of Terence Wilson are available at the moment.

He was a married man and was married to his wife Dawn Wilson.

Terence Wilson, best known by his stage name Astro, was a British musician, rapper, and toaster who was a member of UB40 from 1979 to November 2013, when he quit the group.

UB40 is an English reggae and pop band that was formed in Birmingham, England in December 1978.

The band has charted more than 50 singles in the United Kingdom and has enjoyed significant worldwide success.

They’ve been nominated four times for the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album, as well as the Brit Award for Best British Group in 1984. Over 70 million records have been sold globally by UB40.

The band’s original line-up was ethnically diverse, with members of English, Welsh, Irish, Jamaican, Scottish, and Yemeni descent.

He is most known for being a founding member of the enormously successful band UB40, which has sold over 70 million albums worldwide.

Dawn Wilson is Terence Wilson’s wife’s name. Sticky Fingers Nursery, in the town’s Rock Hill neighborhood, was her business.

Following a deadly incident, the nursery was closed, and the Highland Road facility has since reopened as a family center with new management and employees. Dawn was accused of violating the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Terence Wilson’s educational history is currently unknown.

His high school as well as the university from which he graduated are both under scrutiny.