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Athar Shah Khan Biography, Athar Shah Khan Wikipedia

Athar Shah Khan normally known as Jaidi has engaged TV crowd for a considerable length of time both as craftsman, artist and author.

He played the well known character of Jaidi on PTV and NTM which was mainstream in the two seniors and youngers.

Athar Shah Khan is missing from scene for a long time.

In one ongoing telephonic discussion with Urdu Daily Naibaat, Athar Shah gave motivation to this good ways from little screen.

According to Athar Shah Khan, he is fine however inclines toward rest at home and only here and there visits outside because of mature age.

He was somewhat harmed a year ago however is fine at this point.

Because of developing age, he is likewise unfit to keep composing new verse or sequential.

He made the character of Jaidi, and he never felt awful at whatever point called by the name Jaidi.

Because of developing age he only here and there takes an interest in any social event or mushairai

Athar Shah Khan Biography, Athar Shah Khan Wikipedia

Athar Shah Khan has given numerous well known dramatizations all through 70’s,80’s and 90’s

including Intezar Farmaiay, Lakhon mein high schooler, Ba adab ba mulahiza hoshiyar, haye jaidi and others.

WHILE he was viewing a film, Athar Shah Khan’s family were getting ready to go on an excursion.

Out of nowhere, the video went insane, as the old recordings on tapes had a wont to, and he got back to his child from the entryway.

The little fellow returned, took the remote, squeezed a couple of catches and returned everything to ordinary,

as he surged out shouting: “You know nothing by any means, Abba.”

“I truly know nothing at all that I need not know.

For example, in a PC I can perceive the mouse just,” says Athar Shah Khan in an exuberant meeting at his Gulistan-I-Jauhar condo last Saturday.

Be that as it may, he thinks altogether about the subjects of his advantage – be it a film story, TV play, short story or verse.

Athar Shah Khan Biography, Athar Shah Khan Wikipedia

Athar Shah Khan, better known for his acting in TV, stage and radio plays and silly verse presentation, had been a productive essayist.

When he had commented that if his original copies were weighed against him, they would be heavier.

What’s more, he is a genuinely profound man. Other than a week by week segment that he adds to a Urdu paper,

his short stories and genuine verse have showed up in practically all artistic magazines and won him thankfulness both from pundits and perusers.

He is distributing separate assortments of silly and genuine verse just as short stories.

When inquired as to whether he is as entertaining at home as he is regularly seen to be, he says: “Tune in, dear.

Home will be home. Would you be able to ask Shoaib Akhtar to do quick bowling at home, or Shahid Afridi to hit sixers at home?

“You will be astonished to discover that many noted writers visit me, tattle and read out to me their stanzas,

yet when they request that I do as such, I won’t oblige them.

I amenably disclose to them that the spot to present sections is a verse presentation.

On the off chance that you request that I do a touch of acting here, I’ll not do so on the grounds that for acting the spot is before the cameras

and for vocal exhibitions it is the mike. I get things done at their appropriate spots.”

Athar Shah Khan Biography, Athar Shah Khan Wikipedia

His radio program Rung he rung, Jeddi kay sung ran for over 19 years, a record no other business program has broken at this point.

“An audience kept in touch with me: ‘I used to tune in to your program sitting on my dad’s lap. Presently my child tunes in to it sitting on my lap.’

For TV he has composed plays, for example, Burger Family, Problem House and his mocking sequential Baa adab, ba mulahiza, hoshiar,

in which Qasim Jalali assumed the important job of Akbar.

He has composed stories and exchanges for various well known movies.

His first film was Baazi, in which Mohammad Ali, Nadeem and Nisho showed up together just because.

“It was my good karma that the film commended its brilliant celebration.”

Maan bani dulhan, Goonj uthi shehnai and Manji kithay danhwan were his other hit motion pictures.

The last one, a Punjabi parody, commended its platinum celebration.

When reminded that a great many people didn’t have any acquaintance with him as an essayist, he says scholarly individuals know him well indeed.

“Regardless of whether individuals don’t have any acquaintance with me for my fiction composing, it isn’t my flaw.

After all there are numerous individuals who know nothing about Niagara Falls.”

Athar Shah Khan Biography, Athar Shah Khan Wikipedia

His name, as well, is a puzzler for some individuals.

At the point when somebody asked him how he could be a Shah and Khan simultaneously, he jested:

“When I need to obtain cash, I become a Shah (an unselfish individual).

Also, when I need to look for reimbursement of my advance, I become a Khan (savage).

On a genuine note, he follows his uncommon Shah and Khan handles to his progenitors being from the Afghanistan-Turkmenistan fringe territory.

Along these lines, a few people call him Khan sahib, others lean toward Shah sahib.

He wouldn’t fret regardless of whether somebody hails him as Jeddi sahib. “All names are my own,” he says.

How he became Jeddi, a famous name that blurred his name as an essayist, has another story behind it.

“I have never had enthusiasm for acting. I rather invested heavily in my being an author.

Be that as it may, when I composed a sequential for PTV, its overseeing chief requested that I play out the Jeddi character myself.”

Athar Shah Khan Biography, Athar Shah Khan Wikipedia

Indeed, even in verse he makes the most of his genuine stanzas. “My companion the late Ziaul Haq Qasmi convinced me to compose silly verse.

Unexpectedly, amusing verse is substantially more sought after than genuine verse. It brings the artist a fatter check,” he says frankly.”

I have been an exhaustive expert for an amazing duration looking for charges for my work.

I was not among the individuals who enjoyed negative behavior patterns and overlooked their families.

Whatever I earned I put it into my significant other’s hands.”

He, in any case, composed short stories for vanity and didn’t anticipate cash for them.

He isn’t content with the present satire programs appeared on different neighborhood and Indian channels.

“On the off chance that I state great parody isn’t being composed nowadays, it may be taken as though I had been composing generally excellent satire.

Each period has its own requests. We may not generally have great cricketers like Imran Khan, Javed Miandad and Saeed Anwar.

We may trust that great parody essayists will likewise rise up out of the present parcel.

In any case, actually, comic projects don’t evoke a chuckle which, I believe, is the essential necessity of a parody.”

Athar Shah Khan Biography, Athar Shah Khan Wikipedia

In 1975 when he showed up in Karachi from Lahore to compose a PTV sequential, he was approached to remain back here and compose another.

“I had come here with just two kids and two bags accepting that I’ll come back to Lahore soon.

Be that as it may, here the quantity of the two bags and youngsters expanded and after the consummation of the undertaking,

I was convinced by well-wishers to settle down here.”

At the point when I ask how he could make due on the installment given by PTV, which was then famous for its low compensation, he says:

“I didn’t rely exclusively upon PTV for my meat and potatoes. I composed plays for radio and worked for a promoting organization too.

I had placed a few lines in the stream of life. Whichever line was pulled at, I pulled it up and pulled the fish.

It frequently happened that I composed a play for radio in the first part of the day, a play for TV around early afternoon and for arrange at night.”

Conceived in the Indian city of Rampur, Athar Shah Khan showed up in Lahore in 1947 with his family when he was “youthful.”

He learned at different schools and universities before doing his lord’s in news-casting from Punjab University.

He has four children, all exceptionally taught, three of them abroad.

Athar Shah Khan Biography, Athar Shah Khan Wikipedia

At the point when I ask who enlivened him to compose, he says: “I got motivation from my own scholarly family.

At the point when I passed class three, my mom, a few months before her demise, gave me Bang-I-Dara as a blessing.

My senior sibling, Haroon Pasha, a notable essayist, additionally roused me. Plus, I started partaking in youngsters’ projects on radio.”

A couple of years prior, Athar Shah Khan had endured a significant coronary failure.

He has since decreased his exercises to the insignificant. Be that as it may, a chain smoker he remains.

“It is an unfortunate propensity without a doubt” says Khan sahib. “However, kindly don’t request that I quit smoking.”

Athar Shah Khan Biography

Athar Shah Khan Biography

Athar Shah Khan Biography

Athar Shah Khan Biography