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Aun Chaudhry Wiki

Aun Chaudhry is a Political dissident who has filled in as an extraordinary counsel to CM Usman Buzdar for just about a year.

He has recently filled in as a Head of the Chairman Secretariat at Bani Gala and stayed near PM Imran Khan.

He is a previous spouse of Pakistani on-screen character Noor Bukhari.

Name: Awn Chaudhry

In Urdu: عون چودہری

Renowned As: Advisor to CM

Nationality: Pakistani

Living arrangement: Lahore

Religion: Islam

Calling: Politician and Businessman

Ethnicity: Asian

Life partner: Noor (Divorced)

Youngsters: 1 girl

Guardians: Not known

Aun Chaudhry Wiki

Ideological group: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf

Fill in As: Advisor to CM

Timespan : 2018-2019

Old Political Affiliations: None

Aun hails from Lahore is an individual from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf who has filled in as an uncommon Advisor to Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar.

He has in like manner worked as an individual Secretary of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He had an unavoidable closeness in most of Imran Khan’s exercises.

He is normally watched staying behind the PTI pioneer during press briefings or sitting with him in Islamabad’s conspicuous suppers.

Aun Chaudhry Family

He is a previous spouse of Noor Bukhari who is one of the unmistakable names of the Entertainment business.

She is an entertainer, Director, Model and Host and is known to be one of the most generously compensated on-screen characters.

Both got hitched in 2012 however tragically the marriage didn’t keep going for long and both isolated their ways.

Out of which he has a little girl. At present he is single.

Aun Chaudhry Bio

He is a specialist by calling who began his political Career after 2018 Pakistan General Elections.

He has worked as a PTI Secretariat.

He remained Head of the Chairman Secretariat at Bani Gala (Residence of Imran Khan) for quite a while for which numerous pioneers of PTI reprimanded.

Later he turned into the Special Advisor to Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar.

He orchestrated every one of the gatherings of Chief Minister identified with Politics.

He was charged for releasing the significant data of the gathering to others for which he was sidelined for a couple of time yet soon again approached the gathering and CM.

On thirteenth September 2019 he has been expelled from his post by the CM Usman Buzdar for superfluously reveling into each issue.

He has been supplanted by Asim Mehmood.

As far back as his command to political power, Imran Khan, has been encompassed via prepared and veteran government officials.

Be that as it may, his closeness with Aown Chaudhry, the head of PTI Secretariat, hosts beguiled get-together pioneers and political onlookers.

This relationship may keep running into trouble soon.

One of the nation’s insight offices has cautioned Imran Khan to disassociate himself from Aown Chaudhry.

Imran Khan has been discussed that his proceeded with association with Aown Chaudhry can harm his notoriety out in the open, sources state.

Aun Chaudhry Biography

The abrupt ascent of Aown Chaudhry through the PTI positions has been seen with both desire and doubt by the gathering authority and frameworks.

The genuine explanation of the certainty that Aown appreciates according to Imran Khan stays a mystery, party pioneers state.

Aown Chaudhry is a Lahore-based representative and previous spouse of film on-screen character Noor.

He has a pervasive nearness in the majority of Khan’s exercises.

He is frequently observed remaining behind the PTI pioneer during press briefings or sitting with him in Islamabad’s famous diners.

Aun Chaudhry Wiki

Various gathering pioneers and laborers have despises for the job of Head of the Chairman Secretariat for quite a while.

Yet, in spite of their full scale endeavors, they have neglected to restrict his impact at the Bani Gala home of Khan.

“We disdain his job as Head of Chairman’s Secretariat at Bani Gala as he is neither a lawmaker nor has long association with the gathering.

He even has sidelined the job of Secretary Information PTI,” said a PTI pioneer, who talked on state of obscurity.

The pioneer included: “Mr Chaudhry has the gift of two senior pioneers of the gathering who are near Khan nowadays.”

It is theorized that maybe both these two chiefs were utilizing Chaudhry to separate data about exercises in Bani Gala.

Aown Chaudhry was a piece of the designations of Chairman PTI during his ongoing visit to United Kingdom and to India a few months sooner.

Right now, Aown Chaudhry shares a leased habitation alongside Naeemul Haq in Bani Gala.

He is in charge of organizing every political gathering of the director with the gathering laborers, other ideological groups, representatives and so on once a day.

In any case, Central Information Secretary has a job in organizing the significant gatherings in Bani Gala.

Aun Chaudhry Bio

Chaudhry hosts been confronting charge for spilling gathering data before and was sidelined for quite a while however on the other hand approached Khan.

An office carrier of PTI, said that it was the time of 2012 when he was first found in the assemblies of Imran Khan during a voyage through South Punjab locale.

Khan didn’t know Aown around then.

During that political visit, Aown Chaudhry began giving rides in his extravagance vehicle to certain pioneers of Insaf Students Federation (ISF).

At that point after 2013 general decisions, he turned out to be near certain MPs of PTI, who acquainted him with Naeemul Haq.

Accordingly, prevailing to make his advances into Bani Gala.

During the gathering’s protest in 2014, Aown used to supply nourishment things to Imran Khan in the holder, stopped at the D-Chowk of the Constitution Avenue.

Aown had uneven terms with the ex of Imran Khan , Reham Khan, during her stay in the Bani Gala house.

Once in a while she used to sideline him and in some cases permitted to get once again into Bani Gala.

Aun Chaudhry Wiki

Iftikhar Durrani, head of Media Department of PTI, said that he was not in the learning about any notice from insight office.

Aown functions as the political secretary to director and sees his political timetables, he said.

Aown Chaudhry, while conversing with The Nation, said that he had no data about the insight office’s report.

In any case, included that he was playing out his obligations at the director secretariat great.

“I can guarantee you that no such insight report exists,” he said.

“There can be a few breaks inside the gathering however I have never abused any individual from the gathering and have carried out my responsibilities effectively.

I have consistently pursued legitimacy and this is the preparation of my pioneer,” he said.

aun chaudhry wiki

aun chaudhry wiki

aun chaudhry wiki

aun chaudhry wiki