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Ayesha Jahanzeb is beautiful Pakistani TV hostess.

Ayesha is multi-talented woman because she is not only a good TV host but also a very good singer and seasoned journalist.

Ayesha Jahanzeb is host of Geo TV comedy show “Khabarnaak”. Ayesha Jahanzeb’s presenting style and her own personality along with work of other famous comedians are the reasons for the success of this comedy show.

Most of her fans like her because of her cute face, charming personality and talking style.

Her beautiful singing voice is another reason of her popularity among the fans.

Ayesha was born in Kashmiri Family and lives in Lahore, Pakistan.

Beautiful Ayesha Jahanzeb is known for her smiley face, attractive laughing style and perfect personality.

Overall it can be said easily that Ayesha Jahanzeb is one of the most attractive, beautiful and popular TV personalities in Pakistan.

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Ayesha Jahanzeb Age

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Ayesha Jahanzeb 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Khabarnaak is an Urdu and Punjabi comedy television show hosted by Ayesha Jahanzeb alongside Mir Mohammad Ali that airs on GEO News.

The series, which is styled after TV news talk shows, focuses on the satirical discussion of politics, current affairs, and society’s problems, typically in the Punjabi language.

Mir Mohammad Ali dresses up as a celebrity and Ayesha Jahanzeb as the presenter and co-host, while several comedians add comments and analysis.

It used to feature a section “Zabaan o Bayaan” where host Ayesha Jahanzaib corrects the wrong use of the Urdu language that is common among the people.

Sajjid Bhai guesses the composer, lyricists, and actors by listening to songs which are suggested by the hosts as well as the audience.

Cartoonist Imran Bobby depicts political scenarios through his cartoons.

In 2016, Naeem Bokhari was replaced by Ayesha Jahanzeb as host.

Reham Khan, former wife of Imran Khan did one episode but Geo TV management decided not to air this episode.

Jugnu Mohsin replaced Jahanzeb in May 2017 for a few episodes after which Jahanzeb returned to host the show.

Ayesha Jahanzaib gives very useful advice in Segment No. 2 to the people sitting in the studio and those who are watching the program on TV.