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Bhagyalakshmi 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Indian actress

Born: November 1, 1962 (age 58 years), Kozhikode, India

Spouse: K. Ramesh Kumar (m. 1985–2014)

Children: Sachin, Nithin

Siblings: Indira Nair, Unni Nair

Parents: Bhargavi Amma, Kumaran Nair

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Bhagyalakshmi 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Bhagyalakshmi was born on 1 November 1962 to Kumaran Nair, who hails from Powaat Tharavadu in Calicut and Bhargavi Amma from Kurupath Tharavad in Shoranur.

She has an elder sister Indira Nair and a brother Unni Nair.

She started her career as a dubbing artist at the age of 10.

She completed her pre-university course while working in the cinema industry.

She lost both her parents at childhood.

She was married to K. Ramesh Kumar on 27 October 1985.

He died on 23 March 2021 due to kidney failure.

The couple have two sons.

The couple got separated in 2011 and was officially divorced in September 2014.

In 2012, she turned writer with her autobiography ‘Swarabhedhangal’ (in Malayalam), published by DC Books.

Her parents had five children and two of them died earlier.

She lost her father at the age of three and after her father’s death, her mother tried to support the family.

But her mother failed to do so. Bhagyalakshmi was sent to an orphanage in Kozhikode at the age of four, along with her two siblings.

For the next three years, she lived at the orphanage.

After her grandmother (who stayed alone), Kamalakshi, came to know about Bhagyalkshmi and her siblings living at the orphanage, she decided to take Bhagyalakshmi and her siblings with her to her home in Saidapet, Chennai, where she did the rest of her schooling with dubbing for films.

Her mother later came to Chennai and started living with Bhagyalakshmi in Kodambakkam, Chennai, while her siblings stayed with her grandmother.

She was suffering from uterine cancer at that time but still managed to earn.

At that time, her elder sister and brother were studying in college in Coimbatore.

Later, when her mother’s health worsened, Bhagyalakshmi began taking care of her mother in the hospital.

She used to do household work, earn for her mother.

While her mother was bedridden in the hospital, she decided to give Bhagyalakshmi’s parenting to someone else.

When she inquired, her mother told her that she wanted her to go (with the people who wanted to adopt her) because she was going to die soon; both her siblings were adults and could take care of themselves but she was still young.

Bhagyalakshmi could not bring herself to the agreement and went to her grandmother, telling her that her mother wants to give her to someone.

Furious, her grandmother came to the hospital and argued with her mother.

She later realized that her mother feared that her grandmother would make her work in the film industry and destroy her future.

A few days after the incident, her mother died.

After her mother’s death, her grandmother arranged a marriage for her elder sister, but her elder sister broke her marriage and returned to her grandmother’s home.

In Chennai, her grandmother had a close connection to the film industry as she taught Malayalam to the actresses like Sharada.

Her grandmother couldn’t support her any longer, so she began to pressure Bhagyalakshmi to work in the industry.

As she got older, her grandmother began to pressure her more to act in films. She did not like acting at that time.

By the time, she was seventeen, she was pressured to act in films and had acted in four or five films.

Many directors called her out for not knowing how to act. Although she liked dubbing, she did want to pursue it as a profession.

Her only dream at that time was to get married by the age of twenty.

While she was dubbing at Sargam Studio in Chennai, director K.G. Rajasekharan introduced her to Ramesh Kumar.

Two or three days later, Rajasekharan told her that Ramesh wanted to marry her.

She met Ramesh and told him about her past and asked him to wait for a year. After a year, she decided to marry Ramesh.

When she told about Ramesh to her grandmother, her grandmother rejected the idea of her marriage and asked her to choose between her and Ramesh.

She did not want to be in the industry, so, she left her home and got married to Ramesh in a private ceremony.

After her marriage, she left the film industry, but after a year, she joined the industry again because she got bored staying in the house alone.

While dubbing for the voice of Nadhiya Moidu, the lead actress in the film ‘Nokkethadhoorathu Kannum Nattu’ (1984) at Chitranjali Studio, her views on dubbing changed completely.

The director of the film, Fazil, mentored her on dubbing. He demonstrated what a dubbing artist should know.

That’s when she realized that she was doing a serious job.

Fazil became her mentor from that day as she began taking dubbing as her career.

In 2005, she started a dubbing institute with Mohanlal in Kazhakkoottame.

She even worked as a guest teacher of dubbing at the Neo Film and Broadcasting School.

Bhagyalakshmi is a women rights activist and has shown support to women on various occasions.

In 2018, the union of film technicians Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) launched its women’s wing with Bhagyalakshmi as its chairperson.