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Channa Ruparel is an Indian actress, who has appeared on many Hindi TV serials during late 80’s and early 90’s.

Having lived in Mumbai her whole life, she got her standard academic education from The Modern School in Sikka Nagar.

She then went on to pursue her further studies in Lala Rajpatrai College, before embarking her career in small screen.

Having brought up near the famous b-town, Ruparel envisioned herself becoming an actress at a very young age.

She made her acting debut in a Hindi series called Chunauti, where she had a minor supporting role.

The show went on to become one of the hit television series in the 1980s and was featured on the Doordarshan channel in 22 episodes, each ranging about 25 minutes in duration.

After the success of her first show, Ruparel went and started auditioning for more roles with varying ranges.

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It was not until late 1988 when she landed the breakout role of Goddess Rukmini in the critically acclaimed televised version of Mahabharat.

Goddess Rukmini happens to be the favourite wife of Lord Krishna, who is one of the titular characters of the story.

It premiered on Doordarshan in 1988 and was on air till 1990.

The series was again a major hit and is still considered to be one of the classics among the small screen.

By this time, she was a crowd favourite and was called the ‘blue-eyed girl of the small screen’.

She took a hiatus from the public in between and returned only after 1994, where she bagged another supporting role in a series called Swabhimaan.

It aired in 1995 on DD national network. She played a supporting role of Medha Hegde in this series.

She played her part for one whole year till 1996, before her character was written out of the story arc.

As per our records, she is possibly single and not married to anyone.