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Born: 1898
Died: 1965
Parents: Frederick Almy Gifford, Elizabeth Easton Tennant
Great-grandparents: Susan Bateman, John William Easton, John Allen Gifford, Samuel Elam Almy, Lydia Tompkins
Grandparents: Susan Bateman Almy, Charles Adams Gifford, Elizabeth Cutting Tennant

Blonde, A New Netflix Film, Has Revived Memories Of Marilyn Monroe In Her Admirers’ Imaginations.

Marilyn Monroe will always be in our hearts, but we don’t know anything about her original father.

A DNA test has confirmed that Charles Stanley Gifford was the iconic star’s real father, over 60 years after her passing and all the information you require about the man.

A DNA test has revealed that Charles Stanley Gifford was the “blonde bombshell’s” biological father, sixty years after her passing away. American businessman Charles was born in Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island, on September 18, 1898.

His parents were Elizabeth Easton Tennant and Frederick Almy Gifford.

Charles Stanley Gifford married Lillian when he was 21 years old, and they had two children. Marilyn, though, wasn’t one of them. Later, he relocated to California and purchased a few cottage apartments.

Charles met Marilyn’s mother Gladys Pearl Baker when he moved to Los Angeles and started working at RKO Pictures following his divorce in 1923.

Gladys was living separately from her ex-husband Jasper Newton Baker and her two children. They had Norma Jeane Baker, who would eventually become known as Marilyn Monroe, after a brief romance.

After splitting from Gladys, Marilyn’s father relocated to Riverside County and purchased a couple of vacation properties.

Even a drive-through store, Red Rock Dairy, was established by him in Hemet. On the other hand, Martin Edward Mortensen, Gladys’s former husband, was listed as Marilyn’s father on her birth certificate.

On June 27, 1965, he passed away in Hemet, California’s Riverside County.

Name Charles Stanley Gifford
Birthdate September 18, 1898
Birthplace Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island
Death June 27, 1965

Death Place Hemet, Riverside County, California
Age 66 years (At the time of death)
Parents Frederick Almy Gifford (father), Elizabeth Easton Tennant (mother)
Wife Gladys Pearl Baker (Monroe’s mother, Lilian, and Marie Bell Seiwell (as reported)

Daughter Marilyn Monroe
Profession American businessman

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Charles Stanley Gifford 10 Fast Facts, Bio, Wiki

Charles Stanley Gifford was the subject of rumours for many years, but they were only recently proven after a DNA test showed that he is Monroe’s biological father.

It has been mentioned that Marilyn’s mother told her about Charles in the book Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public Icon.

Charles answered the phone and stated, “I’m married, I have a family and I am at a loss for words. This man caused Marilyn to move from one foster home to another, saying, “Call my lawyer.”

The authorities determined that her death was “caused by a self-administered overdose of sedative medicines”. The doubt arises as she passed away just two years before her own father died. There are, however, conspiracy theories that claim she was killed.

A strand of her hair that was obtained from the embalmer in 1962 was utilised in the new DNA test, and it was compared to a sample of Francine Gifford Deir’s saliva, Charles’ great-granddaughter who recently learned that Marilyn Monroe was her aunt.