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Chase McDaniel knows the power of music. The country music singer-songwriter grew up listening to songs and albums that allowed him to tap into thoughts and emotions that he at a certain point in life didn’t know he could.

“Music is really one of the most useful forms of communication,” he says. “With it we can say things that we couldn’t say any other way.”

Music, for Chase McDaniel, has been about emotion and feeling, and can give listeners a sense of connection and belonging. He hopes to create a connection with his listeners that goes well beyond entertainment by writing songs that are honest and relatable.

Instead of singing about things he’s not familiar with, he draws inspiration from his own life experiences.

Hailing from humble beginnings in Greensburg, Kentucky, Chase McDaniel first found his love for music at a young age. By 12-years-old he, under the guidance of his grandfather, began finding his voice by singing in church.

As he got older, the lyrics of artists such as John Mayer, Josh Turner, John Michael Montgomery, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw were not only therapeutic, they also further inspired him to deliver songs that could resonate with people on a personal level.

Whether Chase McDaniel is addressing toxic relationships like on “Relapse” or letting it be known that beer is really better in a glass with the viral hit, “Better In A Glass,” his music speaks to the human experience in one way or another.

After years of grinding and keeping it real, McDaniel is seeing his small town dreams become a reality. He’s selling out shows and has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers from TikTok to Facebook.

His latest single, “Project” peaked at No. 1 on iTunes and has over 240,000 views since its release.

Chase Mcdaniel 10 Pics, Photos, Pictures

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Chase McDaniel from Campbellsville, Kentucky knows a thing or two about music but when he took on Randy Travis‘ famous hit, “Deeper Than The Holler,” he set the bar for any other artist brave enough to cover the classic.

McDaniel might seem like your average young man, but he is part of 4th + Main, a musical group that is quickly growing in popularity – and with good reason. Their deep voices and sense of brotherhood is what country music is all about.

They know how to goof off, but still create some great music.

The Kentucky native moved to Nashville to pursue his dreams of being a known country music artist and so far he is on the right track. Just ask your ‘Alexa.’

While each of the band members has their own specific sound – McDaniel will blow you away with his green-eyed, deep-voiced solo act.

Travis released the chart-topping hit back in 1988 and since then, many artists have tried to cover it – but few are able to get Travis’ twangy vocals just right.

Josh Turner’s version was a hit and he was even able to sing with the legend – adding his own deep voice to the tune.