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BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeodan is ruling hearts across the globe and how! Billions of people (read ARMY) are in love with them.

And though the boys love ARMY back, the question that haunts them is whether they are dating in real life.

Their talent management company, HYBE (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) has been protecting the members’ personal life in the most efficient manner.

And that’s what has happened now. BTS member Kim Taehyung aka V’s dating rumours spread across the globe like wildfire after he was snapped attending an exhibition in Seoul, South Korea.

Several online media reports state that the My Universe singer was seen alongside the daughter of a business magnate.

Media portals claimed that V was seen attending the exhibition with Chairman Choi Yoon Jung, wife of President Phillip Jeon.

It is said that the daughter of Phillip Jeon (Paradise Group President) was also present.

And since, their dating rumours began to spread. Pictures of V from the event went viral on social media as well.

BTS ARMY was left breathless as soon as the reports and pictures surfaced. However, HYBE has come to your rescue, ARMY.

They have released a statement regarding V’s spotting at the exhibition in the media.

“The family of chairman Choi Yoon Jung and V are just acquaintances,” HYBE’s official statement said, squashing the rumours.

Another reason why their dating rumours were afloat was because of V’s accessories.

Netizens picked up V’s bracelet which is said to be a product that was launched by the chairman’s daughter.

For those not in the know, Taehyung attended the KIAF 2021 VVIP Preview event on October 13.

Well, well, HYBE has put the rumours to rest now.

BTS’ Kim Taehyung has been named one of the most handsome men by several magazines, portals and ARMY.

No wonder they want to know about his lady love.

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BTS’s V was publicly spotted by numerous netizens after attending the VVIP preview event for the ‘Korea International Art Fair (KIAF) 2021’ opening.

It was then revealed that V was accompanied on this day by the chairman of the board at ‘Paradise Group’, Choi Yoon Jung, also the wife of the ‘Paradise Group’ president Phillip Jeon.

The couple’s daughter was also seen at the event with V and chairman Choi.

Sleuthing netizens went on to raise speculations that a bracelet V often wears is in fact a brand launched by the ‘Paradise Group’ president daughter.

However, when the rumors began spreading rapidly via various online communities, a representative of HYBE Labels stepped up to clarify, “V and the family of chairman Choi Yoon Jung are only acquaintances, the dating rumors are not true.”

Meanwhile, ‘Paradise Group’ is a South Korean conglomerate best known for its ‘Paradise City’ hotel and resort chains.