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Corey Mylchreest
BA in Acting Degree (H Level)
Height 6′
Hair Brown

Eyes Brown
Nationality British
Native accent Standard Southern British

He grew up in England and studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

The 25-year-old actor was born in London, and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Acting degree from the famed university RADA in 2020.

As a student, he starred in productions of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet, and he also appeared in plays including Mysterious Bruises and Tales From the Vienna Woods.

‘Queen Charlotte’ is his first major role.

Mylchreest made his television debut on another Netflix series, playing Adonis in the premiere episode of Neil Gaiman’s fantasy series The Sandman. He also has credits in two short films, with Queen Charlotte serving as his first series regular role.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor spoke on playing such a complex role. “It was a privilege to be able to play George in general,” he told the outlet.

“He is a man, affliction aside, who has a wide spectrum of behavior, which, as an actor is amazing.

I think it was brilliant, not only to be able to explore his health and the pain that he individually experiences and the misery that he individually experiences, but also how that affected the main narrative, which is the love story and how their love finds ways—like running water, evade and keep flowing.”

Regé-Jean Page and Jonathan Bailey gave him advice for his role.

Mylchreest revealed the advice he received from the Bridgerton season 1 and 2 stars, as they passed the Bridgerverse-heartthrob baton.

He summarized Page’s advice as, “Anything that’s outside out the stuff that will help you between action and cut doesn’t exist, and everything that will help you, it does. Let that stuff in, but everything else, just let it slide off you.”

Mylchreest also said that he had “quite a few conversations” with Jonathan Bailey, admitting that all the advice “would take a long time to sum up.”

“They are both very lovely people,” he added. “They are also incredibly beautiful. And I’m very aware that they are running different races to me.”

As for his own season, Mylchreest revealed that he considers a different actor as Queen Charlotte’s most dashing male star.

“The real heartthrob in this series will be Freddie Dennis, who plays Reynolds, the king’s butler,” he said. “I cannot wait for the audience to fall in love with him.”

He’s private about his personal life, but he has mentioned his girlfriend.

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Corey Mylchreest 10 Fast Facts, Bio, Wiki

He graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2020.

Mylchreest is 6 feet tall, with brown hair and b*rown eyes.

He has worked on several productions, including Henry in “The Unravelling” (a short film) directed by Anne Musisi, and Bloody Captain in Seyton in “Macbeth” while attending RADA.

His first onscreen role was as Leon in the short film “Mars”.

Mylchreest played Adonis in the first episode of the Netflix series “The Sandman”.

He played King George in “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” which is an origin story for the character; the show follow the rise to fame and power of a young Queen Charlotte and debuted in 2023.

Mylchreest’s co-stars have not publicly shared his birthday yet.

He keeps a fairly low profile on social media.

Mylchreest has not shared any information about his relationship status.

He has appeared in Elevator Pitch and Mars (2021).