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She has been a resident of Pakistan for close to a decade.

She has been described as a blogger, a filmmaker, and “a social media enthusiast”.

Her Facebook page says she is from Louisiana, “has a Masters degree from Louisiana State University and additional graduate training at University of Houston School of Law, Pepperdine University and George Washington University in the faculties of mass communications, criminal justice, conflict resolution, clinical & behavioral psychology and strategic public relations”.

Her bio says she works at “A Different Lens Production”, a filmmaking company.

The Facebook page of this company has short videos from the Swat Valley in December 2019.

In an interview to a Pakistani magazine called “Thexpatt”, titled “Chronicles of an Adventuress”, Ritchie said she had been visiting the country since 2010 “in the wake of the floods” of that year.

Her visits, she said, were funded by Pakistani-Americans.

The magazine called her “a unique cocktail of expertise, insight and sheer talent”, and said she had been “reshaping perceptions” between the people of Pakistan and America.

She said in the interview that when she was invited to speak at universities, she liked to shock her audiences with “contra-positive” images about Pakistan.

The American media, she said, was extremely negative about Pakistan.

She told the interviewer: “It was from Pakistanis who said we need more people like you in our country to help to articulate who we are as a people, who we are as a culture, as a faith. …

When people ask why did I choose Pakistan? I explain, I didn’t choose Pakistan, Pakistan chose me!”

On social media, they describe her as “close to the establishment”, and ask how she has managed to get a visa to live and stay in the country year after year, with access to places that can only be given after clearance at the highest level of the militablishment that rules Pakistan.

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Cynthia D. Ritchie is an American woman who claims to be an adventurist, self-claimed filmmaker, and blogger.

The 38-year-old blogger describes herself as a global citizen.

During an interview with a local news outlet, she reveals how her childhood desire to be Indiana Jones (a fictional adventurist) led her to Pakistan and that the people’s love keeps bringing her back.

A ‘global citizen’ of Scottish-German ethnicity, Cynthia possesses Master of Education with additional graduate training in conflict resolution, psychology, and public relations.

She started her own non-profit with a focus on media projects and wishes to eventually permanently relocate to the Middle East/ South Asia.

Ritchie is now living in Pakistan and first visited Pakistan in 2009 as a tourist and showed the positive image of Pakistan to the world.

Her family members have also visited her in Pakistan many times. People often remember her as ‘the American Batting for Pakistan.’

For Cynthia, Pakistan is so much more than a tourist destination — it is an “adventurers’ heaven”, she fondly calls the country her ‘second home’.