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Darshana had allegedly recorded the encounter between her and the old man which later made its way to social media. After the video went viral in the locality, the elderly man Deben Kalita decided to take his own life unable to bear the humiliation.

Police later arrested Darshana along with her aides Abhishek Kashyap and Kishalay Sarma.

In a tragic incident, a 72-year-old man in Assam’s Jorhat district died by suicide after a video of him with college girl Darshana Bharali surfaced online.

Police arrested three youths, including the girl Darshana Bharali under the charges of abetment of suicide following a complaint from the family members of the deceased.

20-year-old Darshana Bharali is a student of Devicharan Barua Girls’ College in Jorhat. Darshana has been in a relationship with Kashyap who is a student of Chandra Kamal Bezbaruah Commerce College.

Police has said that the duo used to make videos. During investigation police found a large number of videos of Darshana with different men on Kashyap’s laptop.

Darshana had earlier lodged a complaint against a male college student, whom she alleged was involved in making videos and uploading them on the net and who had secretly taken a video of her along with him and uploaded it on the net.

She had alleged that the boy had entangled her into making clips with other men following this incident. The college student, Kishalay Sharma, had been arrested in Margherita following the lodging of the complaint and evidence recovered from his laptop.

It is important to know that cops have ruled out any honey trapping or blackmail angle in the videos case and said that it was likely done to earn some money by uploading them on video sites.

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