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David Fuller was worked as electrical maintenance in a hospital in 1989. He is now a criminal who did murders and molestations in the late ’90s.

David was a worker in a hospital where he murdered two women Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce in 1989. Wendy’s body was discovered by her boyfriend in her house rolled in a bedsit. She was sexually assaulted and brutally beaten.

Caroline’s body was found on the farm by a farmworker brutally murdered and strangled in a bedsheet.

He went for the trial, where he was pleaded guilty to 51 offenses, and 44 charges related to 78 identified victims of rape and murder.

He was declared a dangerous man with his horrible and bizarre activities of molestation and rape on dead female bodies.

David Fuller was born around 1954. Fuller was born in Heathfield, East Sussex. He was an electrical maintenance worker in a hospital.

He started doing criminal activities in hospital-like molestations, murder, and rape.

David Fuller’s ethnicity is not known and held British nationality.

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The Mortuary abuse killer got sentenced to a whole-life jail term.

Fuller worked as an electrical maintenance staff at different hospitals since 1989. Between 2008 to November 2020, he molested several female bodies, including three children.

During his trial, David pleaded guilty to the murders of Caroline Pierce and Wendy Knell. He abused more than 100 female corpses and has now gotten a whole-life jail term.

David Fuller is not on Wikipedia. However, one can read about the double murderer in recent news articles.

Fuller abused corpses in two Kent morgues for years while working as an electrician at the hospital. The victim’s families called him despicable, twisted, and sick for his actions, reports The Guardian.

David’s current age is 67 years.

He was at the Kent and Sussex Hospital until September 2011. Fuller transferred to the Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Pembury, where he continued to assault corpses until his arrest. He was living at Heathfield, East Sussex.

In the wake of the case, Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, declared an independent inquiry to know how David got to continue his crimes that went undetected by the hospital.

After the recent advances in DNA testing, a £2.5 million police operation was carried out, which bridged David to the double killings.

David Fuller’s family is speaking out for the first time. His ex-wife, Mala Fuller, revealed that she is no longer with him as she could not live with it after learning about his crimes.

Mala ended the marriage as she could not carry on with the relationship.

The son of David’s victim recently talked to the media and said he felt disgusted after hearing what had happened to his mother in the morgue.

David Fuller murdered Caroline Pierce and Wendy Knell in Turnbridge Wells in 1987 in two different attacks. He abused at least 102 women, including a woman aged 100, two 16-year-olds, and a nine-year-old.

He got arrested for the murders in 2020, after which officers investigated his house. They found footage David recorded of himself molesting corpses in the morgues.

David pleaded guilty to the murders while on trial in November. Talking about the recent updates in the case, he got sentenced to life in prison, reports BBC.

Wendy Knell got murdered in her house in Guildford Road on June 23, 1987. Her boyfriend found her in the bed the next day.

Caroline Pierce got abducted from outside her residence in Grosvenor Park in November, and her body was found 40 miles away in Romney Marsh.