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Wisconsin basketball players were having fun trying to stump stenographer Deborah Bollman by using obscure words to try and trip her up at the press conferences at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Wisconsin Badgers sophomore forward, Nigel Hayes, 20, does not realize his microphone is on, turns to a teammate and says, “God, she’s beautiful.”

The crowd breaks into laughter and Nigel was shocked to know that everyone heard him, including Deborah, 43, ASAP Sports stenographer from Riverside, Cal.

“Did you hear that?” he asked the crowd, suddenly realizing the situation.

Check out the full story. Nigel later apologizes to Deborah in a tweet and even throws a big word in there for her, which makes it even more entertaining.

Deborah went from having about 15 Twitter followers to now having over 900. She said it’s fun when the players try to trip her up with words and it shows that the players are engaged.

She thought Nigel’s line was funny and she had no idea it would be as big as it is now.

Deborah’s daughter, Sophia, who is a singer, tweeted: ‘I’ve been working to get out there for years and my mom gets called beautiful by a basketball player and Extra is calling… like what?’

Deborah uses her new-found attention on social media to share her daughter and her wonderful singing talent.

Deborah has become Twitter famous” due to Nigel’s slip-up. She has captured the attention of college basketball players for her proficiency at her job. Deborah types upwards of 300 words per minute for interview transcripts.

Deborah can no longer keep a low profile and is learning all about Twitter. The Wisconsin basketball players enjoy trying to stump the stenographers with words that may not be in their dictionary, which then takes them longer to type.

Deborah is just busy trying to keep up with the buzz of social media because she never thought this would be this substantial… colossal… tremendous… monumental – in case you needed a few words to describe it.

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One of the biggest stars of the NCAA tournament West regional hasn’t even scored a basket or cheered from the bench.

But she scored the attention of college basketball players for her proficiency at her job.

Meet Debra Bollman. The stenographer caught the attention of Wisconsin players on the interview podium as she was typing upwards of 300 words per minute for interview transcripts.

Nigel Hayes whispered to a teammate “she’s beautiful,” not realizing Bollman’s headphones are piped into all of the microphones or that reporters could hear, too.

Bollman smiled and reporters laughed, and Hayes realized his comment was heard by all. And, of course, it went viral.

The 43-year-old mom of three was flattered.

“It was just funny,” Bollman said. “I never knew it would take on the nature that it has. It’s taken on a life of its own. I thought it was cute and sweet at the time.