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Chairperson of the Australian Recording Industry Association
Born: 1951 (age 70 years), Brisbane, Australia
Children: 6
Denis Anthony Handlin AO: Denis Anthony Handlin; AO

Denis Handlin is the current President of Sony Music Entertainment Asia Inc., as well as the former Chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment Australia Pvt Ltd and Sony Music Entertainment New Zealand Limited.

Since 1996, Handlin has served as chairman and CEO of Australia’s most successful record label.

Also, He is responsible for the success of several of Australia’s most well-known musicians, including John Farnham, Midnight Oil, Silverchair, Men at Work, and Human Nature.

In fact, He is the Australian Recording Business Association’s longest-serving board member.

Since 2017, he has been an officer of the Order of Australia for his contributions to the business.

Also, In 2020, Danis was named the second most influential person in the Australian music industry. Sony Music Australia’s President and CEO, Denis Handlin, has resigned while the company investigates allegations of intimidation and harassment against other workers.

Indeed, Sony Music Global President Rob Stringer announced Handlin’s retirement in an internal email to employees on Monday, June 21, 2021, at 10:28 a.m.

Denis Handlin removed from the post of the CEO of Sony Music Australia, accused of intimidation and harassment against other employees

Likewise, Handlin was born in Brisbane, Queensland, in 1951. He is in his late sixties or early seventies.

We couldn’t figure out his zodiac sign because we didn’t know his exact birthday.

Also, Denis was born in Australia and is an Australian citizen. Also, Based on his features, he appears to be of white ethnicity.

Moreover, Denis went at Gregory Terrace, Brisbane’s St Joseph’s College.

In fact, Denis began his work in the Brisbane Distribution Division of the Australian Record Company in May 1970.

Also, In 1976, he relocated to Sony Music’s Sydney headquarters, where he worked as a National Promotions Manager, Director of Marketing, and General Manager, Marketing and Sales.

Moreover, Denis was appointed Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Australian company in 1984.

In fact, He was named Chairman of Sony Music Entertainment Australia Limited and a member of the company’s global strategy council in February 1996.

Following the global merger of Sony Music and Bertelsmann Media Group in September 2004, Denis was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SONY BMG Australia & New Zealand.

Also, In September 2010, he was named President of South East Asia and Korea.

Moreover, This entailed overseeing the Asian Regional Office’s day-to-day activities in Hong Kong.

Indeed, In August 2011, Denis was promoted to President, Asia.

In fact, Denis was the first Australian and the first Sony Music Entertainment executive to win the CEO Special Recognition Award from Sony Chairman and CEO Norio Ohga in May 1996.

Denis Handlin removed from the post of the CEO of Sony Music Australia, accused of intimidation and harassment against other employees

Likewise, After several complaints of a toxic work climate at the worldwide company’s Australian operation, Denis Handlin was sacked as CEO of Sony Music Australia.

Sexual harassment at work meetings, threatening behavior, alcohol consumption, and unfair treatment of women in the workplace are some of the complaints leveled against the company culture rather than specific individuals.

However, They have a two-decade history.

Although none of the former Sony employees questioned by Guardian Australia accused Handlin of sexual harassment, many were critical of the company’s working culture during his time as CEO.

In fact, On June 14th, 2021, Guardian Australia sent a letter to the head office in New York detailing the charges after months of inquiry.

Also, Sony Music Global President Rob Stringer informed employees of Handlin’s retirement at 10:28 a.m. on Monday, June 21, 2021, in an internal email that stated: “effective immediately.”

“They hire young people [who] grow up in that mentality and believe it is normal because that is all they’ve ever known,” a former Sony executive explained.

Indeed, Five former Sony employees questioned by Guardian Australia believe that the level of psychological distress they were experiencing at the time of their departure caused them to seek professional mental health therapy.

Moreover, Handlin and Sony Music Australia have both remained silent on the subject.

“We take all complaints from our workers extremely seriously and investigate them vigorously,” Sony Music Entertainment said in a statement released on June 16th in New York.

Also, These allegations were very recently discovered, and we are currently investigating them.

Indeed, Harassment, bullying, and other forms of inappropriate behavior are not permitted at Sony Music.

We are unable to say further due to our current inquiries.”

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Handlin married his wife Jan in 1977 and together they have six children.

Handlin has been a mentor of the Queensland State of Origin series rugby league team since 2006.

On 15 June 2021, Sony Music Australia became the centre of claims of bullying and harassment with its US-based headquarters investigating.

On 21 June 2021, it was announced that Handlin was leaving the company after 50 years.