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Dr Najeeb Wedding Photos, Dr Najeeb Family Pictures, Dr Najeeb Marriage Pics

Name Dr. Najeeb

Marriage and Wedding/Spouse/Partner He was Married, yet his better half Shama Najeeb spent more than 25 years prior.

He has an adult child Zeeshan Najeeb.

Bio Profile/Wikipedia Information

Presentation :

Dr. Najeeb is a Medical Teacher and proprietor of an exceptionally well known YouTube channel.

Individual Life : Family and Education

Dr. Najeeb was brought up in Lahore, Pakistan. He as of now lives in the United States.

He went to the King Edward Medical University and concentrated the ‘Unhitched male’s of Medicine and Bachelor’s of Surgery (MBBS)’ from 1998-1991.

Dr Najeeb Wedding Photos, Dr Najeeb Family Pictures, Dr Najeeb Marriage Pics

Profession, Salary and Net Worth :

In 2010, he made ‘Dr.Najeeb Lecturers’, an assemblage of online recordings which comprise of gross life structures, histology,

neuro-sciences, embryology, physiology, natural chemistry, pathology, pharmacology, interior medication,

immunology and microbiology, which clinical understudies can use ahead of the pack up to their examinations and tests.

Youtube Fame Height :

Dr. Najeeb won a YouTube grant for having the most famous channel on YouTube, made by a solitary Medical Teacher.

His online talks are one of the world’s most well known ones with regards to essential clinical sciences.

Experts from the clinical, dentistry, nursing and drug store divisions in more than one hundred nations watch his recordings.

Dr. Najeeb as of now has a video library involved in excess of 400 showing hours, all made without anyone else.

His channel “Dr.Najeeb Lectures” has in excess of 800,000 supporters.

His most well known video titled ‘EKG or ECG Interpretation’ which has gotten more than one million perspectives.

All in all, the entirety of his recordings on his channel have a joined view-boat of well more than fifty million perspectives.

Understudies make the most of Dr.Najeeb’s recordings as a result of how educational and drawing in they are.

He doesn’t utilize power point introductions; everything is hand drawn and clarified through his creative cycle.

Dr Najeeb Wedding Photos, Dr Najeeb Family Pictures, Dr Najeeb Marriage Pics

Birthday/Age/Date of Birth/DOB December 10, 1964. Starting at mid 2020, he is around 55 years of age.

Pakistani specialist and instructor who is known for his online clinical talks.

His site offers essential clinical sciences and clinical exercises.

His first YouTube address was transferred on June 14, 2009, and was titled “Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System 1/7.”

Dr Najeeb Wedding Photos, Dr Najeeb Family Pictures, Dr Najeeb Marriage Pics

His YouTube channel has 950,000 supporters and 66 million generally sees.

He regularly pays tribute to his expired spouse on his internet based life destinations.

Paul Thomas M.D. is likewise a specialist who runs an instructive YouTube channel.

Dr Najeeb Wedding Photos

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