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Fazila Qazi 10 Personal Facts, Biography, Wiki

Pakistani television actress

Born: 1970 (age 50 years), Hyderabad, Pakistan

Spouse: Kaiser Khan Nizamani

Parents: Qazi Wajid

Education: University of Karachi

NAME: Fazila Qazi

GENDER: Female

PROFESSION: Actress/Model/Producer/Writer

HEIGHT: 5 ft 8 inches



CITY: Hyderabad

COUNTRY: Pakistan

Fazila Qazi was born in Sindh, Hyderabad, Pakistan in the year 1970.

Her family has deeply rooted Pakistani roots and her family name is well known.

She is the daughter of Qazi Wajid, a TV actor, and a well-educated man.

Fazila went to a government school and later moved to a science college, ‘Udru.’ She holds a BA degree.

She is now a well-known personality in Pakistan, as a film writer, actor, and producer.

Before starting a family, she was famously known for her modeling talents.

Fazila is married to Kaiser Khan Nizamani. Kaiser too is a TV actor.

They have two children and have been married for more than 20 years.

Actually, she slowed down her showbiz career after getting married & becoming a mother.

She is a supportive mother of two and a loving wife to her husband.

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Fazila Qazi Family Pictures

Fazila Qazi 10 Fast Facts, Biography, Wiki

Fazila Qazi, who changed her name to Fazila Qaiser after getting married to another TV actor Qaiser Khan Nizamani, was a household name during the early and mid 1990s.

Fazila entered showbiz as a young girl who was offered to model for a boutique.

The shoot earned her appreciation from many people and that is how renowned director of Pakistan Television (PTV), Haider Imam Rizvi noticed her for his up and coming serial.

From there onwards, Fazila’s acting career was launched.

Before she got married to Qaiser, she appeared in a number of memorable dramas such as ‘Kasak’ and ‘Dasht’, appearing in a number of commercials alongside.

However, after getting married and becoming a mother, she sidelined herself from showbiz.

In recent years, Fazila has made a comeback to TV.

A few years ago, she could be seen hosting a religious show during Ramadan but now she is back performing in dramas.

Fazila Kaiser is a Pakistani television actress, producer, writer and chef.

She has been a major television personality for over four decades. Once noted as the epitome of Pakistan’s traditional “girl next door”, Kazi established her reputation in 1988 as a fashion model and entered into the drama industry in 1991.

Kaiser studied at the government School and attended the Urdu Science College and later forwarded for an BA degree from the Karachi University.

Her husband, Kaiser Khan Nizamani, is himself a famous actor, director and producer.

Kaiser Khan is one of the most successful leading actors of Pakistan who was a household name in the early and mids of 1990s.

Fazila belongs to an educated family of Sindh and she studied from a government school.

She has studied from Urdu Science College and she has done BA from the University of Karachi.

She joined showbiz field as a model and then started acting.

She started acting on small screen in 1980s as a child artist and got huge fame for her acting skills and gorgeous looks.

She was also a top model of her era who did modeling for many top fashion designers of Pakistan.